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To enter The Lobby and to gain access to all privileges as you level up, start your eCommerce store using our Shopify referral link above.

Our Training Creates Winners & Its Free

When you start your free Shopify trial using our referral link, you become eligible to enter

You get access to the following inside :

  • Free Courses Including our 6 Week Challenge & Bizathons
  • Indian eCom Startup Plan
  • Free Video Library with topic based strategies
  • One Problem Solving Session per week
  • Lobby Chat inside our Discord Community
Discord Community
300 Cr+
Students' Turnover

Level Up, Get Rewarded

As you level up by reaching certain milestones, we will unlock new rewards and benefits. All milestones are linked to you growing YOUR business. We take nothing.

After paying the $29/$79 bill

  • Studio Level Free Live Classes
  • Free Mentorship & Coaching
  • Daily Problem Solving Sessions

When you get first 100 orders

  • Suite Level Free Live Classes
  • Free FSO Merch Shipped To You
  • Free Guides & Handbooks

When you cross $10k USD

  • Duplex Level Free Live Classes
  • Duplex Club Award
  • Signed Book by Rito

Free Coaching & Mentorship

NOTE We pay salaries of the coaches and staff from our pocket. We fund this from our referral fees to help YOU become successful.

We’re with you when you grow your business. We’re with you when you run into issues. All the real goodness starts when you qualify for

  • Free Live Classes

    Our team of expert coaches take daily live classes via discord that are topic based and to-the-point.

  • Free Problem Solving Sessions

    We also host daily problem solving sessions on the Discord so you can get the solutions to whatever questions you have.

  • Studio Chat

    Hang out and help each other out in the Discord Studio Chat - a special channel where only coaches and Studio members will hang out.

Live Classes & Problem Solving Sessions will unlock at level and continues for free till The Penthouse.

We Will Teach Everything

With multiple daily live classes being conducted over many months, you can be sure that we will leave no stone unturned.

If you wish to learn any eCommerce related topic, we will conduct and re-conduct live classes on that topic.

Facebook Ads
And Ad Bans
Store Design
Simple to Advanced
Product Research
Multiple Tools
Indian eCommerce
In Detail
International eCom
In Detail
Both Indian & Intl
Google Ads
Including YouTube Ads
Ads, Pages & Email
Online & Offline
Ads & Influencers
Operations & Hiring
TikTok Ads
Ads, Pages & Email
GST & Taxes
Motivation & Approach
CRO & Increasing AOV
Amazon & Flipkart
Print On Demand
Both Indian & Intl
Snapchat Ads
For Beginners

From Beginner To Advanced

The eCom Tower is not just for beginners. The tiered structure helps beginners graduate to higher levels, but those who are already experts can further grow their business via peer networking and brainstorming.

Helping Beginners

We hold your hand and help you initially set up your eCommerce business

Stuck In Scaling?

If you're feeling down or stuck somewhere or facing an issue in growing, we can help.

Reach The Moon

Being among high level performers will push you and elevate your game.

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Thousands Of Success Stories

Flying Start Online is possibly India’s largest eCommerce success factory.

Avishekh Aditya

This man changed everything in my life. Because of him I started my dropshipping journey and that single step I took on 2020 made me a fortune and much more to achieve in future. He is the man who did a live challenge and took his brand "Common Panda" to the moon inspite of so many hurdles. Hence I call Rito a "An Ecom Legend" 🥰🥰

Rushikesh Vachhani

Rito sir you have just missed our screen shot we have generated 2 crore of revenue in 2020 after just lockdown Thank you for giving us a great full time business 🔥

Aditi Arya

Lots of Thanks for such an inspiring lessons for business. You changed my life forever. I started my own e-commerce store at the age of 16. And now my business is going really great.

Chaudhari Nisheet

I'm still studying in last year of engineering already done 55 lakhs in revenue in last 6 months. Also member of your discord group never posted any screenshot till now, but always motivated by other people's success. Thank you sir for everything ✌️

Priyam Dutta

Hey Rito, thank you for your great content. Because of your help I am generating 6 figures of revenue consistently.

Fact X Ovt Ltd

About Dec 2018 I started dropshipping Maine apki videos dekhi saari aaj mera Usa dropshipping store chl rha hai with 100k$ monthly revenue And also indian Ecom bhi kr rha hoo ab with 1Cr+ Monthly Revenue m kbhi krta nhi hoo comments aise post pr pr aaj thanku bolne kr rha hoo 😊

Vivek Kashyap

Rito sir, last year you saved my career!!! Thanks a lot. You may not know but you changed my life. Literally ❤️

Frequently Asked Questions

The eCom Tower is a unique opportunity created by Flying Start Online to help budding entrepreneurs start their eCommerce store and grow their business - all the while getting rewarded for achieving milestones.

It all starts when you click on our referral link and sign up for your Shopify store. This unlocks free courses and the video library along with a dedicated Lobby chat in our Discord. After that, as you achieve certain milestones in your business, you will unlock more goodies. You can check all the available rewards after logging in.

Click on the login button on this page, and after logging in you'll be asked to enter your store name. We'll run a quick check to see if your store was referred through our link or not.

If not, then admission will only be possible when you open a new Shopify store through our link. Take the learnings and motivation from the eCom Tower and apply it to your new store as well as your exisiting store. In order to level up and get your rewards, the revenue generated from older stores will only be considered if your new referred store is in Studio Level or above.

The Shopify Starter plan does not give us any referral fees and we won't be able to level you up to The Studio if you choose the Starter plan.

To start an eCommerce store, the Basic Shopify plan which is approximately $29/mo or ₹1499/mo is recommended. You might get discounted offers on this plan based on whatever offer you received while signing up. But you must choose the Basic Shopify plan or above in order for us to approve your level up to The Studio.

Apart from free live classes and mentorship, including level-based dedicated Discord channels - we're also giving away several rewards at different milestones. When you login to The eCom Tower, you will be able to see all the good stuff that's available to be claimed upon levelling up. We will be adding more rewards to each level as this concept gets more traction.

The entire eCom Tower concept is based on the fact that we want to help you become successful with eCommerce. So how do we motivate you? Well, through a system that rewards for growing your business. So not only do you end up building a solid business for yourself, but you also get recognition in the largest eCommerce community in India and also get a host of rewards including live classes and mentorship that directly impact your future success and growth.

We're able to provide all this for free only because of the referral fees we generate from Shopify. In a way, we're redistributing our referral fees into this system that helps you grow your business.

We reserve the right to approve or reject entry into the eCom Tower based on a few factors:

Attitude: If you bring a negative attitude in the community, even if you're at the penthouse level - we will revoke your membership and you will not be eligible for any perks. A positive environment is a MUST for the success of everyone, and we will not tolerate any negativity.

Poaching: If you use the community to poach merchants to your own services or products - we will revoke your membership and you will not be eligible for any perks. This is a wholesome community and not a marketplace for you to profit from.

Privacy: Some discussions in the community at the advanced level may be private and expected not to be leaked. If we discover, for example, you stealing the winners of another fellow merchant - we will revoke your membership and you will not be eligible for any perks.

We've kept a simple structure that unlocks different levels as you hit certain milestones. These are the milestones:

  • The Lobby: Sign up for Shopify using our referral link and login to The eCom Tower
  • The Studio: Unlocks when you go live with your store and pay your first $29/mo (Basic Shopify Plan) or $79/mo (Shopify Plan) bill. Paying the ₹ 20/mo bill doesn't make you eligible for Studio.
  • The Suite: Unlocks when you get the first 100 orders on your store
  • Duplex Club: Unlocks when you achieve either $10k USD or 10 Lakh rupees in a single month
  • Penthouse Club: Unlocks when you achieve either $100k USD or 1 Crore rupees in a single month
You can contact us by emailing us on support@markace.com or you can join our Discord and ask your questions in the general channel.