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How to Build A 6-Figure Shopify Store With Facebook Ads (Day12/30) #Bizathon3

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Each month at FSO we build a new business from Scratch in 30 days – The Bizathon Challenge!

If you haven’t yet started with Shopify, you’ll want to do so right now by clicking here.

Because this month we’re building a profitable Shopify store from the ground up.

Yesterday we revealed the 3 Expert Level Ways to Prevent Shopping Cart Abandonment

Today we cover how to build a “6-figure Shopify” by scaling with Facebook ads.

Follow along as Rito shows you how to exponentially scale your Shopify business:

Build A 6-Figure Shopify Store With Facebook Ads

Today is a special day in the Shopify business building process; as we’re going to be scaling our Facebook ads with the intention of generating a 6-figure online income.

Bookmark this page because it will serve as a healthy reminder of the exact process to follow when growing your brand with Facebook ads.

Before we get started, let’s quickly touch on a few rules to follow when scaling FB ads:

  • Don’t get emotionally involved. We are scaling what works and removing what doesn’t.
  • $20 daily ad spend minimum.
  • Minimum of 2 ROAS – each ad sets revenue should double the spend – if not, pause it.
  • Ruthlessly pause and create new ad-sets early on in the process.

Scaling with Facebook Ads is all about specific level ups. For instance…

Scaling With Facebook Ads

Level 0 – Identify Winning Products

Pick 15 initial products to promote on your Shopify store. Then create 15 Facebook ad sets – one for each product. The rules above remain.

After your initial $20 spend you should be able to identify what has promise and what doesn’t. Continue to advertise only those products that are converting.

Level 1 – Create 15 New Audience Combos

Once you identify at least one winning product for your store, you’ll need to create 15 new audiences for that one product and ad.

Each new combo will equate to a new ad set. Everything in terms of budget and placement will remain the same. The only thing that changes will be the targeting.

For instance, if you target product is a wood working kit, you could target Wood-working/home improvement or woodworking/DIY… 

Or if your winning product happens to be a particular pendant necklace, you could target Jewelry/Gifts, or Pendants/Anniversary Gift. 

The point is to create 15 targeted audiences based on specific combinations of interests.

Level 2 – Track & Act On Specific Conversion Metric

The only two conversion metrics we are going to worry about are the “Add to Cart” and Viewed Content.”

When identifying our winning products we already acted on the “Purchase” conversion metric.

Now all we’re going to do is duplicate the couple of ad sets currently converting for us, and change the conversion metric to “Add to Cart” and “Viewed Content.”

Be very careful not to change the ad sets that are currently working for you as this can cause an unwanted drop in sales. Simply duplicate the ads prior to creating your modified conversion metrics.

Level 3 – Implement Retargeting Ads

Simply login to “Audiences” from within Facebook Ads Manager and create a new campaign or ad set, and build two levels of retargeting. First is going to be for those who have visited your product page but did not add anything to their shopping cart.

Second we will retarget for those who added products to their cart but didn’t purchase anything. For these customers we need to very slightly modify our ad copy in order offer a discount aka purchase incentive aka that extra nudge.

Again, duplicate whichever winning ad sets you have so far, then modify them accordingly in order to continue scaling.

Level 4 – Target Specific Devices

 Because internet accessible devices are so diverse, we’ll need to set specific ad sets to target specific devices like the following:

  • Desktop
  • Mobile
  • Tablet
  • iPhone
  • Android

Level 5 – Focus On Specific Genders for Specific Ads

Depending on your product, specify if it’s more geared toward woman or men specifically.

If you’re selling a DIY spa kit, you probably don’y want to waste impressions on a male audience. Instead target those most likely to use it – women. 

Or if you’re selling hunting waders, that would likely be something you would want to target men for.

Level 6 – Mix Up Ad Placements

Utilize different ad placements for different ads. Just continue to duplicate your product ads and modify as you go. 

Be sure to display your Facebook ads in all of the following locations:

  • FB Posts
  • Messenger
  • Sidebar placements
  • Instagram (a Facebook company)

Level 7 –  Target Tier 1 Countries First

Target your largest countries first. Each ad set you create should target a different specific tier 1 country.

Here are the Tier 1 Countries:

  • United  States
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Austrailia
  • New Zealand

Level 8 – Target Tier 2 & 3 Countries

Now we are going to focus on the next largest markets. Again, when you’re duplicating your ad sets, create a new one for each of the following tier 2 & 3 countries:

  • Euro Countries
  • India
  • Brazil
  • United Arab Emirates
  • philippines

Level 9 – Duplicate Your Most Successful Ad Sets

Typically we want to wait until the Facebook ad for the converting products sales page gets viewed at least 1,000 times or has been added to the cart at least 500 times. 

Level nine will be one of the most important steps you take when scaling your ads, as you have already proven them to convert so you are essentially beginning the process over from level zero at this point.

We do this to keep the demographic fresh and the CPC low while maximizing our reach and simultaneously cornering the market for whichever products we are promoting.


That’s a wrap for Day 12 – Great work!

Questions, comments or just want to say hi? We love hearing from you below.

Success by choice, not by chance,

-David Aston


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Rito Entrepreneur, YouTuber, Digital Marketer. Founder of Flying Start Online. Dream big, make it happen, and just do what needs to be done!

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  1. Hi, what if I have already customer list with emails. The count is a little over 400. Should I just import the list and create my lookalike audience? If so, what level(s) should I skip to? Thank you the video was very helpful.

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