You’re here cause you want to know the person behind this brilliant piece of the web called ‘Flying Start Online’.

That person’s me!

Me as in Ritoban Chakrabarti.


An Indian entrepreneur, internet marketer, author, musician, and an enneagram 7.

I have a lot of passions as you can deduce from the statement above and that statement is barely scratching the surface.

I have worn several hats over the years including but not limited to:

  • Programmer
  • Web designer
  • App developer
  • HR guy
  • Operations and management
  • SEO specialist
  • Marketing consultant
  • Advertiser (FB, Adwords, Bing, Youtube)
  • Social Media expert
  • Video marketer (Recording, editing, publishing, promoting)
  • PR guy
  • Investor
  • Investee
  • Blah, bleh, blooh, …, …, …

So yeah, if there’s one guy who’s been there and done that – it’s probably me.

I’m not trying to sell myself or anything. It’s just the way it is.

Between you and me, the journey has just started. There’s a long road ahead.

So strap in, and join me on this ride.

There’s plenty of ways to connect with me. I’m too lazy to place all the links in this post.

If you’re really serious about hooking up, you will find it on this site, or somewhere on the internet.

Your friendly neighbourhood genius,

Ritoban Chakrabarti

P.S. I’m dreading the day I wake up, and there’s a Wikipedia article about me where the first three lines are about all the hats I’ve worn.

Sigh, that’s a discussion for another rainy day.