30-Day Bizathon Challenge: Start a PROFITABLE Email Business

This Challenge was completed on 30th July, 2017. The next Challenge is Membership Site – #Bizathon2. All recordings and summaries of the Email Business challenge is available as a course inside The DOer Club

I’ve always felt that we, as proponents of online marketing, should be held accountable to what we teach and preach.

But it needs to be done in a way that’s enjoyable, practical, and educational.

On a recent trip to New York last week with my wife, I had an epiphany to give myself a 30-day challenge.

I would take out 15 minutes every day – and work on a particular online business – build it up from scratch to $1000 in PROFIT by the end of the month.

That’s the end goal anyways…

What will actually happen? I have no clue.

For this challenge, I’ve decided to go the “Email Business” route because I’ve talked a lot about email marketing, monetization, and even solo ads in the past, especially in my Email Instruments course.

Now it’s time to take it to the next level – prove to myself and everyone watching that it IS genuinely possible to start from nothing and create a profitable online business with a few hours of dedicated work.

Think about it:

15 minutes/day x 30 days = ~7 hours.

I’ll be completely transparent and I’ve set some hard rules and regulations for the challenge – so I’m 100% accountable.

I invite you, implore you, urge you – watch the video, and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

The challenge starts July 1st.

I’ll be uploading all videos to the YouTube channel and all updates on this page.

Share this challenge – let’s get some eyeballs and make this PUBLIC!

UPDATE #1: I have never done a live stream before, but today I figured out a way to hook up my iPhone and Mac together with a broadcasting software that lets me share my screen as well. So I have decided to make all 15 minute sprints LIVE.

UPDATE #2: To watch all “15 Minute LIVE Sprints” on YouTube – bookmark this page.


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