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I’m Bustin’ Some Landing Page Myths – (Day 9/30) #Bizathon2

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We’ve been led to believe that landing pages are complicated and I want to make a case for how easy landing page creation actually is.

In most things with online businesses, I’ve realized that the more you do it – the easier it seems.

Landing pages used to be super-complicated in 2007 when I got started, but nowadays you have no excuses anymore.

In today’s “15 Minute Sprint“, I explained some Landing Page concepts, elements, and examples. Then I dove inside our WordPress platform and built Landing Pages using the FunnelForMe plugin.

Landing Page Concepts

There are 4 important things you need to remember with landing pages to get your mindset right:

  1. Landing pages are built to CONVERT (read: get the user to take action)
  2. There need to be as little distractions as possible
  3. Treat each page on your website/social profiles as a landing page
  4. Have a CLEAR C.T.A. (Call to Action) to get the user to take action.

Whether you’re creating an optin page for getting email leads, or creating a VSL or Upsell Landing Page to close sales – the concepts are the same.

Landing Page Elements

While each landing page you create will serve a different purpose – that’s not to say that there are not a few COMMON elements of every landing page.

  1. Headline – Getting the visitor hooked to your page and keep reading/watching. If your landing page is a blog post, the headline is the Blog Post Title.
  2. Creative – Whether it’s an image, or a video, or an audio, or even a BACKGROUND – these are all creatives that catch the reader’s attention.
  3. C.T.A – Each landing page needs to have a clear Call To Action. Don’t waste traffic. If they’re on your page, get them to do at least something.
  4. Benefits/Bullets/Leading Text – These elements help build curiosity and trust in the reader’s mind. This varies for each landing page and it’s optional.
  5. Footer – Copyright note and links to your Privacy Policy, Terms, Disclaimer or DMCA.

Landing Page Technology

This is where most people get stuck.

And I understand…

You’ve been led to believe several things about landing pages that are JUST NOT TRUE.

When I got started in 2007, I used to hand-code each landing page I created. Took me hours and days on end getting one simple landing page off the ground. I had to learn and write actual HTML code and upload it to my hosting account.

Things have changed – and HOW!

Unfortunately, the companies with most marketing prowess have expensive landing page software (not taking any names but they rhyme with BlickTunnels and ReadSages)

And the reason is simple – they have developed a strong-hold in the industry and most people don’t know any other options even exist.

So the first myth I’d like to BUST – Landing Page Software is NOT expensive!

This Is What You Need – RIGHT NOW…

In fact, my recent favorite landing page software that I’m using for my Membership Site Funnel costs like $19 a month. And they also have a $67 one-time one-site license…

… And it makes amazing looking landing pages – mobile optimized, high converting, and it’s all drag-n-drop right inside WordPress.

This is ONE INVESTMENT that will 100% pay me MANY MANY times over – so I highly recommend that you get FunnelForMe right now.

The second myth I’d like to bust is that you need Great Looking landing pages – both optimized for mobiles and desktops.

While it is true in many industries, I have noticed many seriously UGLY looking pages out-convert the better designed ones. So if your designing prowess is holding you back – don’t let it!

Plus FunneForMe has a huge template collection – you can’t really mess up there.

How many times have you been told that you need to be an expert copywriter to be able to convert.

I’m by no means an expert copywriter – but I do okay. All I understand is, how to write:

  1. Clear Messaging
  2. Hooks

Once you nail these down, you’re pretty much set.

And in any case, you have a founding member discount going on with Copywriting Academy right now – so get it before they increase their price.

The final myth I want to bust is about knowing HTML code and especially when you have to paste certain code elements from one software to your landing page software. In today’s sprint, I actually did it and showed how easy it really is

Example: FlyingStartOnline.com

This is just my blog homepage – but you see how I’ve somehow twisted it so that it’s basically like a landing page.

It has:

  1. Creative – the idea icon
  2. Headline
  3. Clear C.T.A.

I do get quite a few email leads from this little block on my homepage.


Just know WHERE your traffic is coming from and create a messaging that tailors to that MINDSET.

I have now finished creating our optin page, VSL page, and the Upsell page for my Membership Site Funnel.

Next up, I’m going to work on the Members Area in WordPress. Exciting stuff up ahead.

I look forward to reading and replying to your comments below:

Rito Entrepreneur, YouTuber, Digital Marketer. Founder of Flying Start Online. Dream big, make it happen, and just do what needs to be done!

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