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3 Critical Decisions To Make For Financial Freedom

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Success Mindset

Today we have a special episode!

Rito began Bizathon3 because we had heard how well Shopify was doing.

He, nor myself had any personal experience with Shopify.

But based on what we did know, and what we saw in other videos, it was something we needed to try.

Rito had taken some courses and learned a few things, but he had absolutely no idea what would happen once we officially announced the original Shopify Bizathon.

But Team FSO took the plunge nonetheless!

If you’ve been following us, you already know how it turned out.

If not, let’s quickly recap…

In the first two months, we went from zero products and no income with Shopify to more than $20,000 and a handful of winning products that continue to convert.

We began with a General Store (CommonPanda) and then created some niche based stores for more targeted advertsing.

Unfortunately, we cant share our niche stores because people have been copying word for word, product for product.

That last part is unfortunate.

We’re giving more than enough information, insight and how to’s to create your own stores, brands and winning products.

I digress, it’s been an awesome two months.

That doesn’t mean they were without ups and downs.

Regardless of niche or industry, you will face adversity.

Our adversity has come in the form of copycats, both PayPal and AliExpress account freezes.

Life is a series of choices.

When faced with adversity you can choose to understand to navigate through, or you can get upset and quit.

It’s safe to say that around these parts, the latter is never an option.

When it comes to adversity, fear, success, and personal and professional growth, how will you choose to respond?

Enjoy the video as Rito helps you speculate upon and hopefully answer just that!

Make A Difference In Your Life!

The first thing to do is realize your first business is a lot like your first swim.

When you’ve never entered water, and don’t know how to hold your breath, float or even dog-paddle…

The environment is unfamiliar and intense.

Starting your first business is very similar.

There’s fear, anxiety, and a lot of “what if’s…”

Fortunately you can absolve those negative feelings with a series of 3 decisions:

Decision #1 – Take Action!

Take Action for Financial Freedom

The unknown is scary for most.

With a slight perception change, the unknown can be exciting!

Unfortunately many don’t take action because fear consumes them.

And that is their first decision.

Remember, life is a series of choices. 

Choosing to quit before you even begin is definitely going to impact your life…

Just not the way you want.

Here’s the perfect story example:

Rito met a guy online, who began talking to him on Ritos YouTube videos.

He asked a lot of questions, and seemed to take consistent action. 

Rito, being the awesome dude that he is, decided to try and help him out.

Answered every single one of his questions.

And what happened?

H’s still asking questions, essentially doing nothing.

Hasn’t even opened a store yet.

At that point it has already been a month and a half and he’d made the decision to NOT take action. 

He’s watched every video and hasn’t done a thing.

That is an inability to make a decision and commit.

Sure, maybe the fear of failure is looming or even a fear of success scares him even more.

Fear is an acronym for False Expectations Appearing Real.

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

You can receive the very best advice in the world, but it you don’t act, it’s useless.

Decision #2 – Find Your Own Rhythm

Find Your Rhythm for Financial Freedom

We’ve done nearly 50 live videos on drop-shipping already. 

You’ve seen us do it and know how everything works.

There’s a good chance you’ve already seen other commenters following our videos, posts and advice, begin to see results.

With that, you’ve got to find your own rhythm. 

Maybe your exploits turn out to be a huge success.

Or maybe they fall flat…

Unless you take the first step, you don’t know what’s going to happen.

To discover what works and what doesn’t – for you, you’ve got to get into a rhythm.

Experience is the purest form of knowledge.

Decision #3 – Be Willing To Make Sacrifices

Entrepreneur Making Sacrifices for Financial Freedom


I’m taking an hour of my day, every day to make something happen for myself.

An hour away from all other projects, people or distractions.

And that hour is 100% dedicated to passion projects.

Instead of binging on Netflix or going out with friends, commit 1-2 hours a day on creating something for yourself.

No if, and’s, or but’s….

Just make it happen!

Try our methods for a few days.

There’s more than a good chance you’re going to make money.

Sure you may need to spend a small amount.

And you’ll definitely need to work.

But you’ll be finding your rhythm and ultimately becoming an entrepreneur.

Utilizing a proven step-by-step system.

Instead of asking every question under the sun, making things perfect before launching.

Address questions and and roadblocks as you take action.

You’ll answer most of your own questions by building and scaling your store.


To make things easier and remove any and all guesswork, Rito put together a webinar…

6 Steps To Launch & Scale A Shopify Store

CommonPanda Shopify Store

This (stellar) webinar is completely free and 100% meant to help you!

No more excuses.

Maybe the Bizathons were overwhelming so you convinced yourself it would be too much effort.

Whatever the reason for your lack of action to this point is irrelevant.

What matters now is you resonate with this message and heed our advice.

Begin your own online business in the form of a Shopify, drop-shipping store today.

Just click this link!

It’s an hour long webinar that cover the 6 steps.

Start with step number one and don’t move on to the other steps until you’re ready.

Do not get overwhelmed with AliExpress, PayPal etc… They’re not even problems for you yet.

And they’re incredibly simple to deal with in the event that something does come up.

Nothing in life worth having will come easy.

This notion was weighing heavy on Rito and I’m grateful he decided to share.

The entire point is to encourage you to take action – today!

Start your free Shopify trial, create your logo, select winning products and drive traffic.

Success by choice, not by chance.

-David Aston

Rito Entrepreneur, YouTuber, Digital Marketer. Founder of Flying Start Online. Dream big, make it happen, and just do what needs to be done!

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