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Using Dropified To Dropship Products Faster To Your Customers

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Did you know you can automate your Dropshipping business and get 3 -7 days shipping for your Dropshipping stores? Load products into your store, process orders, research products, do all of these with the click of a few buttons. All of these can be automated and can be delivered to your customers within a week which is amazing because times are changing.  This is a huge improvement over the AliExpress with a shipping time of 3-4 weeks or even 6 weeks. Even through e-packets the delivery time ranges between 12 – 20 days. In 2019, people are fed up with Dropshipping stores that take more than a month to deliver.

FB is paying close attention to what their customers are saying. If you wish to have an edge over your competitors, run your Dropshipping business for a long term, have an amazing experience for your customers keep reading through the article and watch the video here.

Step by step breakdown of delivering products to your customer faster

I do have a warehouse in the US. I don’t own the warehouse but use the services of 3PL (Third-party logistics) Companies, which is one of the routes. What you can do is buy products at Alibaba in bulk and then supply it to the 3PL providers inside the US who can fulfil your items.

It will not be possible if you are testing your products. Even while using Dropshipping agents inside China, most of the shipping times are within 2 -3 weeks. If you want to bang on fastest shipping possible, increase your Facebook customer feedback score, run your Dropshipping business for a long term, you should aim at reducing your shipping time so that the products that you sell in your stores should reach your customers within 7 days.

How is it possible to provide 7 days shipping at a competitive cost?

I will be sharing with you the strategy that can be used right away to sustain your business in the long run, offer superfast shipping and your customers will give a good feedback on your Facebook page.

Let us assume you place an order on AliExpress. You will see long delivery times.

The estimated time of 25 days even through e-packets is risky and not sustainable in the long run especially in 2019.

The alternative is ebay. It is easy to dropship products from ebay to your customers.

How to do this in an automated manner?

You can import the products from ebay, start selling them from your stores.

When it comes to order fulfilment, you remember inside Oberlo, you need to click a button and there is a step by step process inside when the order is placed similarly for ebay we need to use Dropified.

In Dropified too there is a step by step automated process where you need to click a button and the order is placed. Dropified will track and update the fulfilment inside Shopify too. We will talk about Dropified later.

There are a few things you need to note. I will show how to approach the strategy.

ebay Strategy

Once you find out a product you need to sell, you can search for it inside ebay.

For example; let us search for chunky blanket inside ebay

click on N.America on the left hand side under Item location in the filters.

You can view all the listings from eBay sellers who are located inside North America shipping out items from inside North America which is how you are able to get this superfast shipping times.

To view the product cost range between 30.99 to 41.69 dollars scroll down.

If you click on the above link, you can see the terms, “Fast and Free” which promises a delivery time of 6 days. (This video recording happened on 10 May)

Other elements such as delivery time, color, bulk, and so on can also be viewed.

The Shipping and Payments tab allows you to enter the zip code of your customer, get the rates, shipping and handling terms based on the Zip Code entered.

Your customers are assured to get free shipping it in less than a week’s time.

Competitive advantage

Most of the bestselling items found on AliExpress are available on e-bay but there might be certain products on ebay that are not available for direct purchase. The products are sold by the North American sellers at a most competitive price with fast shipping time. There might be a 10 dollar difference in price when compared to AliExpress.

To explain with an example, let us look out for a product, Chunky blanket at AliExpress and see if we can find a listing for the same item at ebay.  

Figure 1: Same listing in ebay

The chunky blanket priced at USD 12.40 in AliExpress is priced at 16.99 USD at eBay with free shipping and an estimated delivery time at 3 days.


Always go for an eBay seller who has a 97% positive feedback with few thousand ratings.

Secured and guaranteed payment

For all the orders that you place, the payment mode will be either credit card or PayPal which assures an ebay guarantee that is easier to deal with.

To summarize you have the fastest shipping advantage with a comparable price. The ideal choice would be eBay.

Save time and money through Automation

It doesn’t make sense to go to ebay.com, download each image one by one and then import it to your store. For fulfilling your customer orders, if you are profiling each customer’s information one by one, it is going to occupy your valuable time even if you are getting 10-20 orders per day.

The best solution can be a software or app that can automate the whole process and integrate with AliExpress, eBay and your store.


I have been using Dropified app which is pretty popular and also being used by lot of dropshippers. Dropified is a dropshipping software, a bridge between your store and your dropshipper. It integrates with ebay and AliExpress.

Note: With Dropified’s powerful automation, you can spend more you’ll free up at least 20 hours a week in your drop shipping business.

How can Dropified practically do this?

Here’s how:

  • Automate every step from sourcing to fulfillment
  • Automatic product and price change alerts directly to you
  • Source bestselling products from 100 stores and add them directly to your store with a single click
  • Fulfill your customer orders with a single click at AliExpress and eBay
  • Automatically apply your mark-ups to the products you decide
  • Automatic tracking of your orders

Let us look at it in detail:

Add thousands of products with 1-click importer

  • Bundle products from different AliExpress and eBay suppliers together and fulfill with 1-click
  • Add AliExpress products available in the US

Track, manage and customize orders without any hassles

  • Fulfill orders and change suppliers with ease
  • Quickly add or change to a new supplier if yours runs out of stock
  • Add custom tracking URLs that get sent to your customers
  • Add custom order notes to the suppliers to prevent them from sending pricing or promotional materials to your customers

Our Amazing deal for our customers

I have got an amazing deal with founders of Dropified for you guys. This link is our special offer link that our subscribers will get for 28 days free.

Sign up for the 28 day free trial, and start using ebay inside your Dropshipping business.


  • Sign up for a 28 day free trial (using this link ) (on the website it says 14 days trial)
  • Install the chrome extension
  • Once I install the chrome extension, it actually shows me the images.
  • Enter the price, weight, and make a price comparison
  • Click on more options to enter the type, the tags, the size, variants, description, including the simplified and the original description also. All of these can be imported in one click  to your store
  • Click that button to import to your store and publish from your store. While fulfilling it, the orders are going to come inside your Dropified backend.
  • Using the chrome extension, the product page loads up, the item is added to cart, the customer information is automatically filled in and then you can place the order.
  • In the order note section, you can add notes such as “I am dropshipping the item. Please don’t include an order invoice”.

Seamless Experience

Dropshipping from eBay is a seamless experience. If the item does not get fulfilled or if the seller is out of stock, you get instant refund. The Customer support is in English, and most of the items get delivered, with a competitive pricing that is available on AliExpress.

Another Amazing deal for our Dropified Subscribers 

Ali Extractor

AliExtractor uncovers exactly how many products a vendor is already selling per month on AliExpress (in units and sales dollars) saving you hundreds of hours on product research and helping you make smarter decisions for your e-commerce business.

While it sells every day for $29 per month on it’s website …YOU get it as a part of your Dropified subscription!

Are you struggling to find your next selling best product?

AliExtractor not only finds you the best selling products in the niche of your choice… it does it in seconds!

The common problem with Aliexpress

You must have heard of the largest product sourcing shopping site in the world based out of China called AliExpress, which is owned by the Alibaba Group. They have millions of products like eBay but the one big problem that all customers face is the information overload. That makes it difficult when you get to the granular level.

The Solution

AliExtractor is the software that not only helps to find the bestselling products in the niche of your choice but also helps you to find out how many products a vendor is already selling per month in units and sales dollars.  

You can even put in your own percentage of desired marker and see what that equates to in North America.

Apply AliExtractor filters

Enter the product in your niche and apply the filters. It is easy to find out the revenue generated per month for the chosen product, shipping capabilities, product reviews and ratings by entering it in the filter.

Idea Generator

You can make use of the Idea Generator to find new products when you are in dearth of ideas.

Net Calculator

Do you wish to instantly calculate how much you can make selling a product, based on the number of units currently being sold for the exact product? Use AliExtractor’s net calculator

With one click you can easily download product images to use new listings on your store. If you need some social proof of your listing you can download the real reviews from just your country or with or without personal information or pictures

Add to favorites

You can find other great products from a particular power vendor with a click, filter those products with the parameters you set and add it to your favorites list.

Cashback Deal

Ali extractor has an exclusive deal where you get paid to shop or sell what you have shopped, get a rebate of cashback bonus for every item you purchase.  


eBay sellers can also use the AliExtractor app. They can download top-selling and trending product links, descriptions and emails (provided in .zip files from AliExtractor) and upload them to their eBay store to earn additional profit through the exclusive cash-back offer.

The All-in-One Shopify Automation Tool
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  • Impact on Business
  • Features
  • Value for Money
  • Support


Dropified is an all-in-one Shopify Automation tool that not only acts like a bridge between your eCommerce store and AliExpress, but also enables many profit increasing tools that help in research and fulfilment. You can import products, order products and fulfil right inside the app with an easy to use interface.

Rito Entrepreneur, YouTuber, Digital Marketer. Founder of Flying Start Online. Dream big, make it happen, and just do what needs to be done!

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