EverWebinar & ClickFunnels – The PERFECT Auto Webinar Funnel

So you want to start an auto webinar funnel?

Looking for the FASTEST way to go from zero to launch?

Here’s the TL;DR:

  1. Use ClickFunnels to map out and build your pages
  2. Use EverWebinar to host your automated webinar

But you probably want a more detailed explanation?

Keep reading…

#1. Preparing Everything

Make sure you have your hook, copy, product/service, and the actual webinar ready.

No one said this was going to be easy.

The copywriting on your funnel pages definitely matter. And so do the autoresponder emails.

Both of these are amazing training courses by Anik Singal.

But if you REALLY know your stuff – the entire process can be completed in a couple of days.

Once you’ve set up your entire auto webinar funnel – it pretty much runs like a MACHINE.

That ‘MACHINE’ bit got you motivated, eh?

All right, moving on to…

#2. ClickFunnels for Pages

This isn’t a ClickFunnels page builder tutorial.

So I’ll skip to the meat and bones. These are the pages you want:

Webinar Registration Page

clickfunnels webinar templates

ClickFunnels has a bunch of amazing opt-in templates and some even webinar registration page templates.

Feel free to play around with them and customize the one you like the best AND that fits your marketing message.

The IMPORTANT thing to remember here is to embed the EVERWEBINAR BUTTON on this page.

So you’ll be disabling the ClickFunnels opt-in process/popup from the page and replacing the button with the one EverWebinar gives you.

And THERE is the problem.

I’m a design freak and it makes NO SENSE to use the standard EverWebinar ‘Blue Button‘ on your web-reg page. It’s not a strong CTA.

You might just want a different colored button:

Orange, Red, Green, Black(?)

WITH a different call-to-action.

Something like this perhaps?

everwebinar button clickfunnels page

Here’s how to get a button like that:

Old EverWebinar:

  1. Add a custom Javascript/HTML element on your page.
  2. Add the following code to that page: ew-cf-button
  3. See where I’ve mentioned: regpopbox_xxxxx_xxxxxxxx
  4. Simply replace that with your own EverWebinar campaign ‘regpopbox’ id.

New EverWebinar:

  1. Add a custom Javascript/HTML element on your page.
  2. Add the following code to that page: ew-cb-button-new
  3. See where I’ve mentioned: regpopbox_xxxxx_xxxxxxxx
  4. Simply replace that with your own EverWebinar campaign ‘regpopbox’ id.
  5. Towards the end of the code, you’ll also notice: ‘aaaaaaaaaa’ and ‘bbbbbbbbbb’. You need to replace these with your respective values from the standard EverWebinar embed code.
  6. Change the “background-color” RGB values to change the color of the button.

Also, you can pretty much change the colors and text of the button as you wish.

Here’s a video showing you how it’s done:

Now that your web-reg page is all set, we move on to:

Order Page

clickfunnels order templates

Your web-reg TY page and actual webinar pages will be hosted by EverWebinar. Hooray!

So the order page (if you don’t have one already) needs to be on a memorable URL.

Something like: yourdomain.com/go

You can map out specific URL’s to specific pages inside ClickFunnels.

There are a lot of order form templates in CF – feel free to choose anyone you fancy.

Order ThankYou Page

This can be a simple TY page with a download/access button.

Just make sure your EverWebinar sales tracking PIXEL is installed on this page.

Here’s how you get that pixel:

ew tracking PIXEL

Product/Service Delivery

This is basically the product download/access area.

Do you REALLY need me to explain this?

No… Just no.

You got it. I believe in you.

Next up…

#3. EverWebinar for Auto Webinar

I won’t go into the details of how to setup your EverWebinar campaign in here. Because I’ve already done that in my EverWebinar review (Shameless plug).

All your webinar notification emails will be sent via EverWebinar as well.

But here are the PAGES you need in your funnel…

WebReg ThankYou Page (Hosted by EverWebinar)

EW makes it super easy for you to host a custom WebReg TY page.

Make sure you’re getting the newly registered prospect to take some action on that page.

everwebinar thankyou page

Add a video, some text, and a button.

  • Video – Thank ’em for registering for the webbie. And explain their next steps BEFORE the webinar.
  • Some text – Thank ’em and briefly explain the next steps.
  • Button – Call to action to the next steps.

LIVE and REPLAY Webinar Pages (Hosted by EverWebinar)

These are completely hands-off. Although the webinar is not ACTUALLY LIVE. For real LIVE webinars, you probably want WebinarJam.

EW autogenerates these pages and you can customize some elements of that page:

  • Product offers with link to the order page
  • Auto-redirect to order page after the webinar finishes
  • Chat lines. Once you have a couple thousand, let it roll.

EverWebinar vs ClickFunnels

Now if you’re thinking:

Hmmm. ClickFunnels has a complete auto webinar system built-in already. Why am I using EverWebinar?

Here’s your answer:

That’s what we thought when we first launched the AutoWebinar funnel for our SaaS product.

Optimized all the pages. Every single page, notification emails, webinar delivery – was set up on ClickFunnels.

Then we started FB ads.

Super-Targeted audience. Ads were working. People were getting interested.

The first day, no sales.

Then finally ONE sale.

Then next few days – ZERO sales.

We were sad that it wasn’t converting well. But happy that at least it was converting.

Then we made the SWITCH to the EverWebinar + ClickFunnels combo like I’ve described in this post.


1-3 sales per day.

Not kidding.

cf to ew switch

We pulled off a 180 from a negative ROI FB ad campaign to 300% ROI overnight.

It LITERALLY was overnight – because I set it up at night and sales had come in by morning.

You can possibly get the same results WITHOUT using ClickFunnels entirely. Just use a different landing page software (or have pages hand-designed?) with EverWebinar for your AutoWebinar delivery.

I just love using the CF + EW combo – simply because you’ll be using webinars for mid-high ticket anyways. The costs won’t pinch as much.

Now if you’re planning on selling Tripwires using your webinar – just… just STOP planning!

Whaddya Think?

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Lemme know in the comments below:

  • Are you using ClickFunnels?
  • Are you using EverWebinar with some other landing page software?
  • Or are you using the CF + EW combo like I’ve described above?
  • Happy that you read this entire post to this very last line? (thank you, BTW)

How I Acquired 2,067 Leads In 15 Days Using The L.I.F.T. Method!



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How I Acquired 2,067 Leads In 15 Days Using The L.I.F.T. Method!