6 Notification Emails To Maximize EverWebinar Attendance Rate

We’ve been running a successful EverWebinar campaign for OptinLabs for several months now.

In this post, I’ll give you a step-by-step rundown on how to set up notification emails INSIDE your EverWebinar campaign to improve your live and replay attendance rate.

I’ll also hand-over the EXACT TEMPLATES to use. You have full permission to swipe and paste them in your EverWebinar campaigns.

Here’s a sample set of the open and click rates on our EverWebinar notification emails:

everwebinar email stats

Setting Up EverWebinar Notification Emails

While you’re editing your current webinar or creating a new one – head over to the ‘Notifications‘ setting step. Click on the edit icon.

everwebinar settings notifications

Now click the ‘Email Notifications (recommended)‘ button.

This is where you will be setting up your Sender’s Name, Sender’s Email, SMTP info etc. You can either choose your own SMTP provider OR their email servers.

everwebinar smtp settings

I recommend using your own SMTP provider for better deliverability and control over your emails.

Once you’ve set that up, head over to the Notifications Timeline.

This is where all the magic happens.

Side Note: With this entire process, it’s super important to know how to write better email copy.

If you want to A-game your email copywriting, check out Copywriting Academy by Anik Singal. The guy knows a thing or two about copywriting.

Let’s dive in…

‘Pre-Live Webinar’ Emails

My recommendation is to set up  AT LEAST 3 pre-webinar emails. Now if your attendee has signed up for the JIT (Just In Time) webinar, they will probably be getting only the final last-minute reminder email.

But for everyone else – three’s the lucky charm.

everwebinar pre-webinar emails

Welcome message

Keep the intro and footer, same as the default template.

Intro: You will have the webinar title, description, presenter images, date & time, and a ‘login to webinar’ button.

Footer: The link to join webinar, along with all their date & time and webinar info will be there. I just add a sign-off below all the information. Something like:

See you there,

My Name

Here’e the rest of the email:

Subject: Congratulations! Your Webinar Seat is Saved



Congratulations! You have successfully registered.

The best thing you can do now is to bookmark your webinar link, and to set a reminder on your calendar so you don’t miss the webinar.

We’ll be starting as scheduled really soon, but before we do, there’s a homework assignment for you.

Step #1

On the webinar, we’ll be doing live case studies and showing you how [insert the primary activity of the webinar]

If you want to stay ahead of the game, then click here and get your free OptinLabs account. [this is what WE did. If you have a pre-webinar product to sell, pitch the link here]

You’ll be able to follow along as we teach you the step-by-step process and you could possibly have launched your first campaign BEFORE the webinar is even finished.

Step #2

We will be revealing our 3 SECRET TOOLS on the live training and also give away 3 FREE GIFTS if you stay till the end. [insert the main reveal and gifts (if you’re offering any) here]

So in order to get the most out of this training, please show up 10 minutes before your scheduled time and we will take it from there.

So save the date, mark it on your calendar, and please show up live.

All set? We’re excited to share our 3 secrets with you and help you get way more optins without an optin page. [insert the main selling point here]

Here are the webinar details:


Pre-webinar reminders

I only recommend setting up ONE pre-webinar reminder (1 HOUR before the webinar begins). But if your web-reg date and actual webinar date are spaced out by several days, you can set up 2 or 3 of these.

This email will also have the SAME intro and footer.

Subject: Ready? We are starting soon



We just wanted to shoot out a quick reminder that the live training will begin in about an hour.

This is important because what we’re about to reveal will literally change the way you get your [clients, leads, optins, business, whatever].

And don’t forget we’re going all out with explosive case studies AND the awesome free goodies you’ll get just for showing up on the webbie 🙂

Join Webinar Training Button

10 minutes before the webinar start time, click the button above to join the call.

You’ll be able to follow along as we teach you the step-by-step process and you could possibly have launched your first campaign BEFORE the webinar ends.

Here are the webinar details again:


Last-minute reminder

This one goes out 15 minutes before the webinar begins.

The intro and footer stay here too. Makes things a lot easier for you, doesn’t it?

Subject: Go Go Go! ‘[Webinar Title]’ Webinar Starting Now..



We’re ready and EXCITED to show you the 3 secrets to grow your list 300% faster. [use your main selling point here]

The webinar will start in just a few minutes. Please, proceed to click on the link below to access the webinar room now.

Join Webinar Training Button


‘Post Live Webinar’ Emails

There are THREE Post-webinar messages I recommend setting up.

All three of them will be set to 8-12 HOURS after the webinar starts.

Each of these emails uses a standard message, but the INTRO of the message is different based upon WHO receives them.

everwebinar post-webinar emails

There are THREE categories of people who will receive these ‘Post Live’ emails. You can choose this category while creating/editing your email inside EverWebinar.

Here are the actual email templates to swipe.

Those Who Did Not Attend

The goal here is to get them to watch the replay. Your conversion rate from the replay won’t be as good as the live version – BUT, it does help boost the average lead value.

Subject: We missed you..


Hey #NAME#,

If you did miss yesterday’s webinar, then holy-moly… you skipped out the mad-awesome response we got from the attendees.


It was a packed house all right, and we even entertained questions from the audience.

It was truly an honor hosting the event, and that’s why we want to make sure you get to watch it.

You can catch the replay by clicking here. [link to replay]

But remember, this replay won’t be up for long. Because we don’t want everyone on the planet to start using these secrets. Hush-Hush! (you’ll learn why when you watch the replay)

We’re all about building up suspense, but what the heck.

Here’s just some of what we covered on the webinar:

– point #1 covered
– point #2 covered
– point #3 covered

These are the most powerful techniques we’ve shared. Period.

If you’ve been struggling to [insert struggle], then watching this replay will definitely hit home run and boost your journey.

Show me the replay already! [link to replay]

Talk soon,

[Your Name]

P.S. If you’re thinking this sounds all too complicated, then remember – the system we outline [insert hard hitting benefits]

Those Who Attended But Left Early

The ADD peeps. They were probably enjoying your webinar but left and didn’t watch the whole thing. We want to be a little creative with these people.

Subject: Did you leave the webinar early?


Hey #NAME#,

If you did miss part of yesterday’s webinar, then holy-moly… you skipped out the mad-awesome response we got from the attendees towards the end. Plus we couldn’t show you the link to get the FREE gifts as well 🙁

No problemo!


Rest of the email stays the same

Those Who Saw The Whole Damn Thing, But Didn’t Buy

To set this one up, you need to be selling something on your webinar AND your tracking needs to be in place. EverWebinar gives you a sales tracking code to paste on your TY pages. Make sure you have that set up properly.

Subject: Here’s how to MAIN SELLING POINT



Yesterday’s webinar was awesome! Wasn’t it?

It was truly an honor hosting the event, and that’s why we want to make sure if you missed some of it or wanted to watch it again – watch the replay by clicking here.[link to the replay]


Rest of the email stays the same

PRO Tip: Always… Always send yourself a TEST email after you’ve edited/created these notifications inside EverWebinar. Click the links and make sure they are going to the right URL.

‘Post Replay’ Emails

A lot of people get confused what and WHEN to send the next autoresponder because the lead has already gone through theEverWebinar email series.

Most of the confusion arises because you can’t know for sure WHEN the entire EW email series is over because there’s no connection between EverWebinar and your autoresponder.

However, if you’ve followed the strategy above –

Then the FIRST email you need to send your lead is RIGHT when a person joins your list.

I know, I know… They are getting an email from your autoresponder AND from EverWebinar at the same time.

There’s a reason for that.

We need them to understand that they have ALSO joined your autoresponder list.

So that the next time you send an email from your autoresponder, they don’t hit the SPAM button.

The SECOND email that your autoresponder sends – will have to be 4 days after they joined your list.

This not only gives them a little breathing space if they attended the ‘Just-In-Time’ webinar, and also close enough to pitch your product in a different manner.

What we do is pitch the VSL of our product which has a condensed version of the webinar. We continue that email series for about a week.

I learned my email marketing from the genius, Anik Singal. If YOU want to become a pro, check out my Inbox Blueprint 2.0 review.

PRO Tip: Make sure you’ve set up automation rules inside your autoresponder that if a customer has already bought your product – they are removed from your web-reg list and set up on your customers’ list. Just cause, we don’t want to pitch the VSL to people who have already bought your product. You get it.

Time To Take Action

I hope these email templates help you get better attendance on your live and replay webinars starting today.

Use these emails well.

Also, make sure you edit the text in these to match YOUR audience’s mindset.

Go go go!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know in the comments below. I’m always trying out new things – maybe you have something interesting for us to test.

AND please share this with your followers, yeah? The buttons are below.

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