Facebook Retargeting For Quiz Landing Page – (Day 20/30) #Bizathon

It took a little longer than I had hoped to set up the Quiz Landing Page today – but overall worth it!

That’s because the page looks great and conveys slight empathy with the large chunk of the audience we will be reaching with Facebook retargeting.

In today’s “15-Minute Sprint”, I was able to complete the entire Quiz Landing Page via OptinLabs + ClickFunnels combo, and then created a slight change of angle for persuading people to click on our Facebook Retargeting ads.

Empathy in Copywriting

If you’re able to understand the mindset of your audience, then you’re able to convey a STRONG message that resonates with your traffic and influences them to take action.

empathy copywriting

The first step of understanding empathy is to understand WHO your audience is and WHAT MINDSET they’re in.

Then understand their FEARS and MOTIVATIONS.

In our case, our Facebook Retargeting audience of website visitors (who are not leads) is primarily built of people who have either clicked on the “napkin sketch” FB Ad or on the solo ad email, then reached our optin page – but weren’t convinced enough and so didn’t opt in.

Our goal is to convert as many of those people into opt-ins as possible.

This is where empathy comes in.

I already know for a fact that since this traffic consists of people who CLICKED the link in the ad or email – they are INTERESTED in building a passive income business.

They’re just not internally convinced enough to give me their email address.

This is why we hit them with…

Facebook Retargeting

Once 7 days has passed, and we’ve tried our best with the other retargeting campaign of asking them to opt-in to the same optin page – we move on to the next step.

The next step is:

The next angle of “Time to Break-FREE” and the actual quiz.

I already know they WANT to start an online business. I just want THEM to know they want to start an online business.

Get it? 😉

All right, so we hit them with this:

quiz landing page

Oooofff. That’s sexy! 😀

Couple that with the AD they see on Facebook, and we have ourselves the THIRD optin funnel that we’ve built in just 20 days.

We’re using 6 images for the ads with the same text.

Here’s one of ’em:

facebook retargeting ad for quiz

Ain’t that hitting the POINT?!

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