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How To Create “Money Making” Facebook Video Ads (Bizathon6 Episode2)

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By now it’s no secret that Facebook Advertising is a huge part of our business.

And of those ads, a good portion utilize video. 

Many (thousands) of Shopify store owners simply steal and slightly modify existing Facebook video ad content and call it their own. 

While that may have worked in the recent past, Facebook is cracking down on such practices.

Enjoy the video as Rito reveals how to create profitable Facebook ad videos:

With Facebook’s new algorithms, they’re able to determine if the video content used in an ad is unique.

They analyze frame by frame, and even consider the background music used.

If your video ad content is deemed not unique, meaning it’s already being used by another advertiser, your account will likely be suspended.

It’s very important to maintain integrity and not plagiarize anything, even if you know other people are doing it – which has been the case with many a dropshipping business.

You’re more than capable of coming up with something unique for your own brand!

That said, let’s take a look at how you can easily create high-converting, safe content for your Facebook video ads…

What Tools Do Facebook Video Advertisers Need?

There are a handful of useful tools to utilize when creating Facebook Video Ads:

Import Products & Film Them Yourself

Hands down, the best and safest way to create video content is to import at least one unit of each product you’re advertising to yourself and then film it with your own camera. 

By taking this approach, you’re ensuring your Facebook business account doesn’t get suspended for duplicate video content.

Not too mention, this is the most honest way to create and promote video content.

How to do it:

  1. Import products to your office or home
  2. Take photos of you and your friends using the product
  3. Record short video segments of you and your friends using the product
  4. Now upload the photos and video clips to iMovie or Windows Movie Maker
  5. Add any additional music and text
  6. Export and upload to FB


Note: The camera on your smartphone is more than sufficient in terms of video quality 🙂

Identify Royalty Free Music

The easiest way to find royalty free music is with a quick Google search.

Simply search “Youtube Audio Library.

Once you locate the audio library select “Attribution Not Required” from the top menu underneath the “Attribution” tab.

Now you can browse and download a plethora of free music to use within your own content.

Modify Existing Brand Footage (at your own risk)

While many AliExpress product vendors certainly don’t mind if you utilize the product video provided on their listings, Facebook and Google frown upon any duplicate content. 

To avoid getting suspended, banned or sandboxed by either entity, it’s best to modify those product videos so they appear unique when you upload your content as a Facebook video ad.

Use PickVideo to download the video, and then upload the file to ScreenFlow/iMovie/or Windows Movie Maker to trim scenes, change the music and or add text to different clicks.

Check out the video above to see a real-time example of how easy it is to modify content of an existing video.

ScreenFlow, iMovie and Windows Movie Maker all make it incredibly easy to create, edit and publish video content. 

iMovie comes pre-installed on Apple Computers, and Windows Movie Maker comes pre-installed on most non Apple computers.

That’ll do it for Episode 2 – Great work!

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Rito Entrepreneur, YouTuber, Digital Marketer. Founder of Flying Start Online. Dream big, make it happen, and just do what needs to be done!

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