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Finding Potential Blockbuster Winners

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Facebook Product Research

Facebook Search 2.0 Method

Finding potential blockbuster winners has never been this easy. In Bizathon-3 series I have shared blockbuster winners using a brand-new strategy that I have named as Facebook Searches 2.0.  This completely free strategy is an advanced version of the FB searches method, a combination of Facebook, AliExpress and tools that ensures finding potential blockbuster winners that can start working for you. Remember one blockbuster winner can confirm this business and change your life. Watch the Video Here.

Step by Step Strategy to research unique selling products

All you need to do is follow the five steps given below. I will get into my screen and guide you step by step.

Step 1:


The first step is to do a search on Facebook. You need to use the search phrases such as “Get yours here, Get yours today, Get it now”. You can replace 50% with 30, 40, 60, 70, 80 percent to yield different results.

Inside the videos tab go in for 2018, and enter “Get yours here”. The following search results will show up.

Your search results

Note: Ignore any videos that are similar to Show and explore the rest.

Info and Ads page (The pages Method)

Right-click on a video link to get into the details of that particular page

Info_Ads page

Step 2


Creating a Dropshippers Master Sheet

Open each of these videos links in a new tab and copy the links to create an active Dropshippers master sheet.

Sheet 1: Sheet 1 of the master sheet contains list of the pages that I have found. You need not have to add all the pages but only those that have “info and ads” that they are advertising live now.

Sheet1_DS sheet

Sheet 2 – Enter the video URLs in this sheet.


Engagement Metrics

Facebook does not show engagement metrics by default. To find engagement metrics, right-click on the video, copy video URL at current time, open in a new tab to see the engagement. Different ad sets are used to advertise and the final outcome will be to increase the overall view count.


Based on the number of views, you can test the product. You need to add this to the master sheet first.

Step 3


Finding the products in AliExpress

Check if the same product is found in AliExpress.

AliExpress- page
Similar - productspage

Validating sales We have to find out if the sale is happening right now or not. To find that out, first copy the product URL as shown below:

AliExpress - Product description page

Paste this in the Product Analysis tab to find out if the product’s sales volume pertains to the current date.

Product analysis - search page
find -search-volme

You can infer from the above screenshot that the sale volume has been dwindling from 46 units. This means that the product is not the right one to go for. 

We applied the Rabbit Hole method because there are a multiple sellers selling the same product of related products.


Step 4

Goals to find products that have more than 50 orders per day :

Step 4

You have to validate in the Dropshipping center through the URL stated above. But there is a possibility that all might not have access to the above URL. Hence, you can try out another way to find out the number of orders the product is getting every single day. Scroll down on the product Details page and check the Transaction information.

Transaction history

There might be multiple sellers selling the same product. Add up all the sales units, combine the top three sellers selling the same product and validate. If that holds good then add it to your Dropshipping store and start advertising for these products.

Alternate Method

There are a lot of running ads that do not show up in the Active Ads section. You can click the video url and paste it in the Dropshipping sheet2. You can have a video list of all the ads that are not available inside the ads section.

Check using the Rabbit-hole strategy. Repeat the same set of steps to validate and find out if the product has enough sales (50 orders or more) to be added to your Dropshipping store and consider advertising. If not scrap the product and do not advertise.

Repeat these steps to validate and regularly update your sheet.

Step 5

Study the Facebook pages in the sheet once a week to get a fairly good idea on how the product is selling and find your winners much faster.

Keep building the master sheet, so that your master sheet has 20-30 Dropshippers. Click on each of these page links, go to Info and Ads, check if they are running new ads, do this once a week.

Update the sheet with new Dropshipping stores that you find using the Facebook searches method and then keep updating the sheet. This will be your personal Holy Grail black book of Dropshipping stores that are running active ads that are selling Dropshipping products. Look at the products, ads and try to figure out the active selling product. You can then run your ads with more confidence. In AliExpress You can find orders working right now.

You can stop wasting money on losing products and focus on the active selling products that are worth considering for advertisement.

Rito Entrepreneur, YouTuber, Digital Marketer. Founder of Flying Start Online. Dream big, make it happen, and just do what needs to be done!

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