Shopify Dropshipping (Bizathon3)

Bizathon3 was a LIVE YouTube Challenge where Rito built a complete dropshipping store from scratch and shared all the concepts to let you launch your own store rapidly.



While this was a 30 day challenge, we have taken the best videos from those 30 days, and trimmed down the course to ensure you have all the information without any excess baggage.

Start off from the first video. Watch, learn, and execute.

PART 1: Humble Beginnings

Shopify Dropshipping Explained

Understand how the dropshipping model works. This includes the ONE WINNER strategy that's the staple diet of a successful business.

Store Settings & Logo Design

We start off our journey by setting up the store settings and designing a logo that's impressive.

3 Critical Elements

The pages and design of the store including a conversion theme that helps increase sales.

Product Research

How to find hot dropshipping products that are working right now for others - let the research begin!


No dropshipping business is complete without using automated tools that help ease out a lot of manual tasks.

PART 2: Store Launch

Adding Products

Even though we used Zero Up for the video, the concepts remain the same if you use Dropified or Oberlo.

FB Ad Posts

How to create posts on your FB Page that will be used for ads later. Several examples includes.

Pre Launch Checklist

Make sure everything is working properly before starting your first round of ads. Here's the checklist.

The next step is using Facebook Ads to generate sales. We have a separate course on how to successfully run FB Ads that you can watch for free here.

PART 3: Optimization

Recover Abandoned Carts

Cart abandonment happens on all eCommerce stores. Here's a quick fix to recover some carts. 

Perfect Product Page

While a lot of concepts in this video still hold true, watch our Advanced Selling Course for more up-to-date info.


How to increase conversion rate on your store? Rito explains several ways to get more people to buy from you.

Increase AOV

What to do when someone wants to buy from you? Get them to buy more, of course. Here's ways to increase your average order value.

Email Marketing

No eCommerce store is complete without autoresponders. Learn how to set them up in this video

Dealing With Refunds

Every dropshipping store will get refunds and chargebacks. Here's the best ways to deal with them.


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