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The Funnel Narrative Concept For Better Conversions – (Day 16/30) #Bizathon

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funnel narrative concept

I was taught the Funnel Narrative concept by Anik a few weeks ago and he uses it in all his sales funnels.

With our Email Business Bizathon Challenge – I’ve used the same concept but it’s time to explain how all of this ties together.

This might as well be the reason why we got the first sale.

In today’s “15-Minute Sprint“, I placed the order for our solo ad from an Individual Vendor for 1000 clicks @ $0.75 a click, then I explained the Funnel Narrative concept in detail, and shot two videos for our Facebook ads which we’ll be creating in the next sprint.

Funnel Narrative

funnel narrative

We’re building an optin funnel for this Email Business and the main element blocks of this funnel are:

  1. Ads (Solo Ads & FB Ads)
  2. Optin Page
  3. Thank You Page
  4. Autoresponders
  5. Offer

The concept is to drive traffic via ads (and this is where the narrative begins) and get the highest conversion rate at the very end of the funnel where we get sales.

Key Phrases

A NARRATIVE consists of “Key Phrases” that are sprinkled in each block of the funnel.

The Key Phrases that we’re using in our funnel are:

  • Mini Business
  • Passive Income
  • Napkin Sketch -> Email

We have to make sure that these key phrases are consistent through out each block and even on the actual affiliate offer landing page.

So to derive these key phrases – FIRST look at the offer landing page and reverse engineer from there.

Example: There were mentions of “Passive Income” and “Email Business” on the affiliate offer landing page.

I basically used those and added: “Mini Business” and “Napkin Sketch” into the mix.

This is how we were able to get a nice solid HOOK as well as consistency.

Yes… Yes… YES!!!

The ROLE of each block of the funnel is to make the visitor say: YES!

If we’re able to get enough YES’s from the visitor, then we convert them into an ‘opt-in’, and eventually a SALE.

Let me break down our entire funnel to you.


Our Facebook Ads as well as the Solo Ad Emails that go out to the vendor’s list – all of these are pre-selling the prospect to notice this “Napkin Sketch” which has helped me create multiple profitable mini businesses. When the prospect says YES to the ad (read: clicks on the ad), they are taken to…

Optin Page

The optin page is consistent with the narrative and intrigues the visitor even more with the visual of “me holding the napkin along with an emoji”. This baits the visitor to think: “Yes, I want to see this sketch blueprint that’ll help me create mini businesses”. When the prospect opts in, they are saying YES and entering the…

Thank You Page

This is where I really dig into the concept of “Passive Income” using the napkin sketch blueprint and build MYSELF up to the prospect. Because we want them to open and read out emails too. The pre-selling on this page is crucial to make them say YES and click on to the…

Affiliate Offer

Since we backtracked our “Key Phrases” from this exact page – the messaging is already familiar in the prospect’s mind and they are even more likely to take action and sign up for the webinar (in our case). It may be a sales page in your case.


We drive home the “Key Phrases” with different hooks and angles to make them say YES and click through to the affiliate offer landing page. By this time, we’ve pre-sold and made the prospect say YES so many times, that they are much more closer to actually buy the product.

Now of course, since the product we’re promoting has a $1500 price tag, we need HIGHER VOLUME of initial prospects to convert them into a sale – but the conversion rates are much higher if you have a low ticket offer.

If you have a SMALL budget, then “low ticket” is what I would recommend.

Sending like 200 clicks to an optin page and expecting a $1500 product sale is not wise – even if you have the best hook and copy in the world. It MAY happen – but more often than not – WON’T happen.

Narrative Flow Concepts

So remember, in each block of the funnel, we are trying to achieve one or more of the following:

#1. Qualifying The Prospect

#2. Flow/Consistency

#3. Pre-Selling

Shooting Facebook Videos

I wore the same t-shirt that I’d worn for the “napkin sketch PHOTO creative” a few days ago – and used my camera to record a couple of video creatives.

We’ll be using these videos for our Facebook Ads which I’ll be working on in the next sprint.

I’m looking forward to what happens with the traffic that our Individual Vendor sends to our funnels. Especially comparing the conversion rates of Launchpad and ClickFunnels.

I recommend checking out Copywriting Academy to learn more about YES Funnels.

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Rito Entrepreneur, YouTuber, Digital Marketer. Founder of Flying Start Online. Dream big, make it happen, and just do what needs to be done!

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