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Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review, Launchpad Demo & Bonus

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Inbox Blueprint 2 Review

This is the ONLY Inbox Blueprint 2.0 review you need to see.

Inside this review: A complete Launchpad Demo, in-depth analysis of the course, and bonuses by Ritoban C. – Anik Singal’s long term business partner and close friend.

Inbox Blueprint is currently ACCEPTING new members. Click the button below to get started via the official website and also score the best deal on IB right now:

Let’s face it.

This is probably why you’re here:

  • You want to justify the cost to enroll in Inbox Blueprint to yourself and your family.
  • You also want to see for yourself if it’s all smoke and mirrors – or – genuinely amazing?
  • You want an INSIDER view at what you’re actually getting when you buy Inbox Blueprint 2.0.

You are in the right place, because in the next 5 minutes, you will have all the answers.


Pros & Cons

If you’re an analytical guy like me, you probably do these pros and cons lists.

But rather than type these in, let me just draw it out for you:

inbox blueprint pros cons

Now that we know what’s the good and the not-so-good, let’s proceed to what the TRAINING is actually like.

Inbox Blueprint Course: In-Depth Analysis

The main IB course consists of 8 Modules.

Each module has several lessons in it.

Each LESSON has step-by-step instructions, structured explanations, video tutorials, and some even have worksheets and accompanied resources.

What I particularly like about the Inbox Blueprint course is it’s STRUCTURE.

It has been meticulously designed to be consumed efficiently and helps you soak in the knowledge AND implement it at the same time.

The Core Modules

These are the primary modules inside the Inbox Blueprint 2.0 training:

Introduction – Understanding the basics and the business model behind the funnels you are about to create.

Addiction Meter – Everything you need to know about picking out a hot niche and running with it. Niche research sources, profitable niches, and exercises to help you select a niche BEFORE you move on to the next module.

The Bait – This module talks about the opt-in page. Copywriting, design, and core elements of opt-in pages. It also gives you a primer on bribes and free gifts you have to offer to get a person to opt-in.

The TYP Method – Once a person actually subscribes to your opt-in page, they are taken to a TYP. You will learn about the types of TYP and how to set each one up. By the time you’ll be done with this module – you will already have an opt-in page and thank you page ready to go.

Email Machine Overview – What do you do once a person actually subscribes to your list? You send them emails. Content emails, promo emails, mixed emails. Hard selling, soft selling, cornerstone selling. You will learn all about autoresponders and newsletters in this module.

Emails and List Relationship – This is one of my favourite modules because you will learn all about email copywriting. How to actually sell to your list. How to build a relationship with your readers. And how to engage with them in a way they actually WANT to read your emails.

Payday Secrets – These are sleek and highly effective tactics to increase your revenue multiple fold with your email list. Primarily by promoting your own products, promoting launches, big pay-days with webinar promos and a lot more.

Easy Traffic – You have your funnel, your emails, your pages – all ready. What about traffic? For some, this might be the most exciting part of the course because they cover all the different sources of traffic – both paid and free.

Unlimited Success – These are underground secrets that not a lot of people discuss. How you can increase open and click rates. How you can get better conversions. The steps to take when things are not working out.

Lurn Masters Club

lurn masters club

Weekly coaching calls – twice a month with THE Anik Singal himself. The other times, get your questions answered by Lurn coaches, and witness student success stories as they happen. Nice bit o’ motivation.

Traffic Academy

traffic academy bonus

Nine proven traffic generation techniques, from guest blogging to Google advertising. Each technique is explained in detail with videos, resources, and exercises to help drill the concepts in your mind.

6 Week FAST Start Program

6 week fast start

Six recorded sessions, where they build a list from scratch and take it to 1000 strong. Includes a bonus training session. Fast track your way to success by following what they did.

List Academy

list academy

A sleek course on advanced email marketing. Teaches you how to communicate with your audience, the types of emails that work, and monetization techniques that not only grow your list faster, but generate profits in the backend. Also includes a Virtual Summit Workshop with more email marketing discussion in 4 sessions and a Q&A session.

I’ve seen enough. Let me in already!

Additional Training & Resources

Apart from the main training modules and additional mini-courses, Inbox Blueprint will give you access to EVERYTHING that Anik has to offer.

Including, but not limited to all of the following.

$3 Million Email Formula

3 million email formula

These are a priceless (ummm, well almost) collection of Anik’s swipe email files that he used to concoct $3 Million in revenue.


Clickonomy Logo

Clickonomy is an email traffic marketplace built by Anik and myself.

I was the primary coder behind this project and helped take it to the levels it is at today. It is slowly becoming one of the best sources of targeted traffic – especially for building your email list.

You will get a special coupon to get upto $500 in free traffic from Clickonomy (subject to purchase of traffic packages of a certain amount)



You get a 30 day free trial invite to Sendlane – the primary autoresponder used by the Launchpad.

It’s also the autoresponder company that Anik and I both use in our own businesses. I know the founder of the company, and they have a HUGE number of active online businesses using their service.

Lurn Insider

Lurn Insider logo

I have reviewed this product on FSO earlier this week – and it’s a SOLID membership program in it’s own right.

It consists of a 21-Day Transformation to clear your mind and begin your online business journey and also includes monthly mastery sessions with Lurn coaches.

WordPress Academy

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world and it’s one of the easiest ways to get your website started. Not just IB funnels, but you can pretty much build any sort of online front with WP.

This course will take you through the basics of getting started with WordPress site building.

Inbox Blueprint Forum

Inbox Blueprint Forum

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 is not only coaching, courses, and software – it’s also a COMMUNITY.

Apart from the badges system, the IB forum is an invaluable tool for your online business growth.

There’s an active community of like-minded entrepreneurs such as yourself who discuss their business, help when you’re stuck, and even provide feedback on the little things.

Fuel to the fire, baby!

Click here to see the COMPLETE list of what you’ll get inside.

Inbox Blueprint’s Launchpad Demo

The Launchpad is probably one of the biggest reasons for being an Inboxer.

I still remember the first time Anik told me about his ‘Launchpad’ idea.

It was just a thought in his head.

What if I could make a system, where a person has to literally just click-click – and within minutes they would have a complete funnel.

To be honest, that day I thought he was crazy.

I mean, to build such a software – you would need thousands of hours of coding, even more thousands of articles, hundreds of reports, dozens of templates, and then the ingenuity to create a streamlined process that’s effective AND easy to use.

But he actually did it.

Anik has spent a lot of money in building the Launchpad, the content (used for creating your sites), and for maintenance/feature updates.

Step 1: Configuration

launchpad 1 - configuration step

The Launchpad opens up in a separate dashboard and asks you to create your first Inbox Blueprint funnel.

The first step is Configuration.

This is where you select your NICHE.

They have a total of 32 niches to choose from at the moment – which covers pretty much all the hot niches out there.

From Dog Training, to Internet Marketing, to even Spirituality.

Next, your give your funnel a name, and either choose a subdomain (hosted landing page) or attach your own domain name.

Step 2: Email Campaign

launchpad 2 - sendlane list

This is where you sync with Sendlane and set up your list connections.

If you don’t have a list created in Sendlane yet, it will create one for you.

If you already have a list, then you can select it – but remember that the system will override your exisiting autoresponders.

Step 3: Affiliate Offer

launchpad 3 - affiliate offer

This is where you select the primary affiliate offer that you are promoting in your funnel.

You can choose to promote your own product too by using the ‘Use My Own Link‘ feature.

Otherwise, Launchpad lets you choose any Clickbank product you want with some neat searching and sorting capabilities.

Step 4A: Free Report Articles

launchpad 4a - free report articles

This is where you select articles for your free report.

Launchpad has thousands of articles in the system already – and you can choose any one.

It will also show you a saturation metric with each article – which is essentially how many other Inboxers are using the same content piece.

The saturation metric is available on all future content/design implementations as well.

Which is pretty neat, IMO.

You also get to enter some keywords in there that automatically become hyperlinked with your affiliate link right inside the report.

Step 4B: Free Report Design

launchpad 4c - free report design

Simply enter your free report title, subtitle, choose a layout (out of about 12 designs), and then choose a background photo.

They have a collection of several royalty free photos. Or you can upload your own.

That’s it! Your free report is done and done!

Step 5A: Autoresponder Content

launchpad 5a - solo ad autoresponder

The autoresponder content is divided in two stages:

Promos/Solo Ads – Since you will be promoting your affiliate link to your new subscribers, you can choose from several pre-created emails (searchable by keywords) and create your promo autoresponders

Content Emails – It’s not healthy to bang your list with just promo emails. That’s why they force you to choose at least 10 content autoresponder emails that help build trust with your list.

In the promo emails, you can again specify certain keywords that automatically get linked with your affiliate link and help bring in commissions from your mailings.

Step 5B: Autoresponder Scheduling

launchpad 5b - configuring autoresponder

The primary focus here is on making sure the FIRST email that goes to your list is formatted properly.

Launchpad basically has ‘fill in the blanks’ for setting up your first email.

You can schedule the selected emails to go out at equally timed intervals. Or choose a timeline for each email manually.

I like the sequencing features of the Inbox Blueprint Launchpad because it just aligns perfectly with what is taught in the course and it’s built in a way to deliver maximum punch with your emails.

Step 6A: Funnel Selection

launchpad 6 - funnel design

There are two types of funnels you can build with Launchpad:

  • Quiz Funnel
  • Classic Funnel

The quiz funnel basically lets you create an engaging quiz by entering a title, questions, outcomes, and integrating with Sendlane. We know this works, because we preach the same thing over at OptinLabs.

The classic/squeeze page funnel is what you’ll probably be going after initially. This has the lowest overhead and the easiest to get started with.

Step 6B: Funnel Design

launchpad 6b - optin page design

Time to actually design your primary funnel page where you will be sending all your traffic.

Being a programmer myself, I did like the designer because there’s a lot of choice when it comes to templates and customizing the template with your own text is pretty easy.

I was able to design my page in less than 3 minutes. 

If you don’t have your opt-in page copy, you will probably take a little longer than that. The great part is that the entire copywriting process is well explained inside the Inbox Blueprint 2.0 course material.

Step 7: Thank You Page

launchpad 7a - thank you page

This is where you will choose what type of Thank You Page you want for your new subscribers.

Segway Page – This is a unique concept page that Anik has used a lot himself. You basically pre-sell your new leads on the offer BEFORE you send them to the affiliate link. Pre-selling helps build trust and increases conversions

Timer Page – On the other hand, if you want the simplest approach, choose this TYP. A timer page will basically have a heading and count-down. Once the countdown hits ZERO – your new leads are automatically redirected to the affiliate link.

Step 8: Preview & Finalize

launchpad 8 - confirm funnel

If you’ve reached so far, congratulate yourself and take a breather.

Because boy-oh-boy – not a lot of people do.

The hard part is over and all you have to do is make sure everything is in order and you haven’t accidentally entered the wrong text or the wrong URL or something.

You can make changes to your entire funnel from here because this shows you everything at a glance.

Once you’re happy – hit the orange button and your new funnel will be LIVE!

Inbox Blueprint Bonuses

Anik keeps me around himself for a reason.

I’ve known him for nearly a decade now and we have worked on several projects together.

I curated these Inbox Blueprint bonuses personally to ensure they don’t DISTRACT you – but actually HELP YOU with your Inbox Blueprint journey.

Long story short? Click here to get my special bonuses!

If you want the best results with Inbox Blueprint 2.0, you need these bonuses to accelerate your success.

Bonus #1: Your Inbox Blueprint Concierge

fso-conciergeLet’s face it – if you’re starting out with your online business, you need hand-holding. And yes, Anik’s team is brilliant and they will help you with whatever questions you have.


When you’re stuck. Or need someone else to look into your business and help you grow it – we’ll be there for you.

Nisha Garg – my head coach – has personally assisted over 1000 Inbox Blueprint students. Answered their queries, and helped them build their businesses.

You will have Nisha’s primary email address for addressing ALL your doubts. And if she can’t help you – I will PERSONALLY get on the task and help you out.

Value: $1997

Bonus #2: Ritoban’s Private Mastermind

FSO Private Mastermind

I’ll give you access to my private Facebook group.

That’s where I publish all my insider tips, tricks, and secrets.

It’s like my little black book of secrets. And you get to be a part of it, ask questions, and pitch in.

I’m BIG on experimenting with marketing strategies – and you will be the FIRST to get a bird’s eye view of exactly what I’m doing in my business.

And you are more than welcome to COPY all my strategies in your business.

Value: $997

Bonus #3: OptinLabs Software

optin labs bonus

OptinLabs is a suite of email tools that helps grow your email list 300% faster.

Anik and I created this software in 2016 and it’s one of our best-selling products.

The three tools are:

Quizzes, Push Notifications, and Split Testing

You will get access to the PRO version of OptinLabs, which gives you the ability to create unlimited quizzes, push campaigns, and split tests.

We are currently selling OptinLabs subscriptions every single day at the $67/month price point.

And you will get 1 FULL YEAR of OptinLabs Pro.

RETAIL Value: $804

Bonus #4: OptinLabs Academy

optinlabs academy bonus

We only sell the Academy section of OptinLabs to our highest slab of customers.

Here’s what’s inside the OptinLabs Academy:

  • Optin Traffic Mastery Course
  • Optin Hacking Course
  • Optin Funnel Recipe Course
  • Email Instruments Course
  • OptinLabs Academy Library

These are fairly advanced concepts – all around email marketing funnels, that will go very well with your Inbox Blueprint knowledge.

Value: $1997

How To Get Your Bonuses

There are just two simple steps. Sorry if you expected more:

Step 1: Click this link and get enrolled in Inbox Blueprint 2.0

Step 2: Send an email to support@markace.com with the subject: “My Inbox Blueprint Bonuses Please?

We’ll take it from there.

Also, if you’ve enrolled in Inbox Blueprint 2.0 already, let the FSO community know YOUR review of the product by commenting below.

Inbox Blueprint 2.0
  • Training
  • Impact on Business
  • Value for Money
  • Support


Inbox Blueprint 2.0 is my favourite product of Anik Singal so far. Just goes to show when you invest a LOT of time, knowledge, money, and effort into a single product – what comes out is just BEAUTIFUL.

Rito Entrepreneur, YouTuber, Digital Marketer. Founder of Flying Start Online. Dream big, make it happen, and just do what needs to be done!

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  1. Hi Ritoban,
    i am interested in getting inbox blueprint through your link and just wanted to confirm that your bonuses are still available.

  2. Hello, I’m Nadir idriss.
    I find difficulty in initial investment. Can I get help from you?

  3. Hi. I am keen in enrolling in the Inboxblueprint. It was at a lower price last week and now 277 x 3 payments. Anyway to get the previous offer?

    You still giving away your bonuses?

  4. Hi Ritoban.C
    I am beginers in ClickBank, I got confused when I saw list of your course can you guide which course is best for beginners as I am not tech. Person and want to start online business

    With regards
    Manoj K Bhave

  5. Hi Ritoban,
    I want to know if you do one on one training for a fee. I already purchase inbox blueprint. I cannot afford to go take Anik’s Workshop right now. I was trying to make the January workshop but that may not be possible. I just need that one time one on one training and I could take it from there. Any suggestions or can you help me for a fee.

  6. 1. I want to start as an Affiliate marketer (no products of my own). What are the monthly expenses over & above IB course fee?…. Sendlane, shopify, Solo ADs, etc? I need to budget my investment and dont want any nasty surprises
    2. Is IB tailored for US/ Europe markets & customers. Im from Mumbai…. So How do I ensure a marketplace in India using IB? Will it be profitable for Indian use?
    3. Do you have anybody from India using IB successfully in Indian marketplace
    4. Your trainings — Are they flexible for Indian timing? I hope I dont have to stay up late at nights to avail of training facilities (live calls by Anik)
    5. How soon can I recover my investment in IB course? Give me a rough estimate… Im a new comer and totally new to online business with absolutely no prior experience.
    6. What is your student success rate? How many succeed / Fail
    7. If I want to start an online business in Fashion — can I do it?

  7. Are you located in the state of Maryland?
    I am looking for some one to work with in person.
    Thanks Mike

  8. Not sure if my last message posted correctly.
    Do you know if anyone lives in the Richmond Virginia area, I would like to find an internet marketing buddy to keep me focused?

    Thanks Mike

  9. How much do i need to spend every month to make inbox blueprint work, such as cost for traffic, autoresponder, domain, hosting etc?

  10. Hi Ritoban! I have read your review and bought inbox blueprint 2.0.
    I have sent an email to claim the bonus.
    Please help process my request.

    1. Hi Issac, I checked my records and we don’t have your purchase credited to our affiliate account. Please contact Lurn team and ask them to assign your sale to us and we’ll get your bonus processed. Thanks!

      1. Hi Ritoban. I have sent an email to them.
        Maybe it needs time to process?
        Could you check again?

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