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Mapping Out An Email Marketing Funnel – (Day 4/30) #Bizathon

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email marketing funnel

Visualizing a funnel is important because it gives you an idea of what assets you need to build and in which order.

In today’s #Bizathon Challenge live stream, I went ahead and mapped out our entire Email Marketing Funnel that will form the basis of our Email Business.


When you understand where your traffic will come from – then you can essentially start placing all the elements together.

In our Email Business, we will be driving traffic with:

  • Solo ads
  • FB Ads
  • FB Retargeting

Solo Ads will be our primary source of traffic once we launch the funnel. I’ve already discussed extensively how to use Solo Ads to build an email list and even Anik teaches that in his Inbox Blueprint course.

We will be using FB retargeting to people who didn’t opt-in and try to get them to opt-in using a quiz.

For those who did opt-in, we will retarget them to sign up for the affiliate offer we’re promoting on the ThankYou Page.

We might try out raw FB ads in the near future – but only if we’re not able to make solo ads work.


Here’s a list of all the assets that we’ll be building up throughout our journey. I may add more assets to this list as we progress.

  • Domain Name
  • Frontend Blog
  • Opt-In Pages
  • Thank You Pages
  • Thank You Video
  • Autoresponders
  • FB Ads/Page
  • Solo Ad Contacts
  • Sendlane List
  • FB Ad Posts
  • Quiz Page from OptinLabs

Email Marketing Funnel Map

email marketing funnel

All said and done, this is the essence of the entire Email Business.

We will drive traffic from all these sources to specific opt-in pages created for each traffic type. We will also use ClickFunnels to build out some opt-in pages.

After a person opts-in, they will be shown a variation of the same Thank You Page.

The function of the TY page is to introduce my name to the new lead and also to get as many clicks as possible to the I.B. web-reg page (affiliate offer).

Next, we are going to improve CTR on our Thank You (TY) Page.

We will be split testing the opt-in pages and thank you pages all throughout the Bizathon.

The autoresponders that we set up will be promoting Inbox Blueprint workshop for the first 5 days.

From Day 7, the autoresponders will promote OptinLabs – for about 5 days.

From Day 15 – we start promoting a low ticket offer. We might promote IMConversion but I’m not really sure about that right now.

15 Minute Sprint

In today’s 15 Minute Sprint, we were able to:

  • Sign Up for the Inbox Blueprint affiliate program
  • Sign Up for the Optin Labs affiliate program
  • Create a fresh LIST inside SendLane
  • Create a webform for capturing leads using SendLane
  • Installing that said webform on our blog homepage

All in all, it was a pretty effective session.

The next step will be to figure out a nice HOOK for the opt-in pages because without a hook, we won’t be able to get a high conversion rate on the optin page. I have recently started going through Copywriting Academy – to polish my copywriting skills 😉

I look forward to reading and replying to your comments. Lemme know in the comments section below, what you thought about the Day 4 session.

Rito Entrepreneur, YouTuber, Digital Marketer. Founder of Flying Start Online. Dream big, make it happen, and just do what needs to be done!

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