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Membership Site Upsell Script + Video – DONE! (Day 8/30) #Bizathon2

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upsell concepts

Today’s session was special!

I was able to explain several mindset and upsell concepts and got a LOT of work done.

In today’s “15 Minute Sprint“, I elaborated on the ‘Entrepreneur Timeline’, and then explained some ‘Upsell Concepts’ and then headed into work mode where I wrote the Upsell Script, created the Upsell Keynote, recorded the Upsell Video, and then edited and exported it. BOOM!

Entrepreneur Timeline

entrepreneur timeline

The process of building and scaling is business is not a ONE TIME EVENT.

The biggest mistake that young entrepreneurs make is that they see the overnight successes – but rarely do people come out and explain all their struggles BEFORE they became an overnight success.

Am I saying you can’t at all be an overnight success? No!

All I’m saying is that don’t EXPECT yourself to become an overnight success.

The only thing in your control is the WORK you put in your business.

The vertical line in the chart is Growth/Success/Revenue <- whatever metric you choose.

The horizontal line in the chart represents TIME.

Hence: Timeline 😉

You start off slow. Learning and picking things along the way. There might be a few hiccups but since you are dedicated, you will see you first growth spurt – and then it’ll fall off, come back up, and fall again – linearly until you keep working and see ANOTHER growth spurt.

So here’s the low-down:

Growth -> Fall -> Growth -> Stable -> Fall -> Growth ….

Suddenly, you’ll see a SPIKE when you’ve put in enough time and that will make you super happy. Maybe you weren’t PREPARED for that spike – so you’ll ride that wave of momentum for a while and then: CRASH!

THIS is where many seasoned entrepreneurs GIVE UP!

Not YOU!

You struggle through that entire period. And this struggle period is long and hard.

Because you’ve already seen some success. You’ve already tasted the honey; suddenly you’re tasting dirt. How pathetic, right? You’re a loser, right?


DOUBLE DOWN through this entire phase – you’ll become manyfold stronger mentally and emotionally – that’s just natural.

And suddenly your business will start taking off – this time reaching heights that you’ve never seen before.

And yes – there will be linear growth and fall spurts, but you’ll be better prepared to handle any downfall. And to not get carried away with any growth.

There you have it. The Entrepreneur Timeline…

Not many people talk about it but it’s just the nature of the game.

The key thing to remember is: DON’T GIVE UP!

Upsell Concepts

upsell concepts

There are a few important things to remember with the Upsell.

The FRONTEND product needs to work on it’s own.

You can’t give half a PDF as the frontend, and then tell ’em to get the other half, they need to buy the upsell.  👿

The upsell should complement the frontend and make it BETTER somehow:

  • Better Deal
  • Better Results
  • Better Value
  • Better Time-Saving Principles
  • Better Automation

I can totally see your mind racing as you try and figure out the upsells for your own funnel 😉

Since they are already a customer, we need to be very careful here otherwise we risk pissing them off.

Stick to these 5 simple principles and you’ll be golden.

  1. Keep it short. 2-4 Minutes MAX!
  2. Welcome them because they just became a customer
  3. Transition from the Welcome to the Pitch in a LOGICAL way because you’re now talking to the conscious mind.
  4. Do not oversell. You want to keep the pitching light and simple. They already know who you are.
  5. Use elements of scarcity, like: One-Time Upsell.

I was able to write the Upsell Script today because I’ve learnt my Copywriting from Anik and his Copywriting Academy course.

15 Minute Sprint

Today’s sprint was special.

I took on a WAGER today (even though I’m not a betting man) to:

  • Write the upsell script
  • Prepare the upsell keynote
  • Record the upsell video

And if I was able to do all 3 things, then you would have to take a dollar out of your pocket and save your seat for the Lurn Summit.

The Lurn Summit is an amazing virtual weekend workshop where industry biggies are getting together and teaching you entrepreneurship, business, and several selling strategies.

It’s basically a win-win for everyone either way.

Was I able to do it?


In fact, I was ALSO able to edit the upsell video and export it during these 15 minutes.

So, now you owe it to me and yourself to save your seat for the Lurn Summit…

I told ya: Today’s sprint was special.

I look forward to reading and replying to your comments below:

Rito Entrepreneur, YouTuber, Digital Marketer. Founder of Flying Start Online. Dream big, make it happen, and just do what needs to be done!

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