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7 Reminders To Never Give Up On Entrepreneurship

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Today’s post is very special.

In fact, it’s an honor to be writing it for you.

Not only are we looking into the mindset of success, but it’s based on a beautiful poem.

Written by Rito (FSO Founder)!

The poem…

Never Give Up!

Let me tell you something they probably didn’t teach you in school…

Take a look back at your life.

Take a moment, cool?

If it doesnt bring tears of joy, there’s something wrong. 

It’s time to change, boy.

About time. 

It’s been long.

Every moment that you remember, was a moment worthwhile.

The future is not yet written, it’s in your hands, so just smile. 

You have to be smitten with your undying passion – pile.

Heard the story of the spider who needed to climb that wall?

It kept climbing.

It Kept falling. 

Not giving up with every fall.

Ever thought about why you heard of that spider?

Because it didn’t give up.

Others did try, but they gave up…

When our spider took the cup.

Every failure is a reminder to be faster, better, stronger.

I urge you to be kinder, to your failures.

Try harder, try different, try longer.

The universe will test your passion.

Everyday for the rest of your life.

Theres no time to rest, wasting time.

Because you are on the edge of a knife.

Theres no point hoping for a miracle.

For a sign to define your line.

There’s just roping in your wins.

Small, tiny, one at a time.

I know youve heard all this before.

This is just a gentle reminder.

When you’re pushed, beaten and bruised…

It’s all about saying saying YUP!

This is my time to create a better future.

I am never giving up.

Starts the slow, clap…..clap….clap…

I love this!

While it is art, sure, it’s also enlightening.

Let’s break down what this poem could really mean for you…

Reasons People Give Up

First things first, let’s a take a look at why a person would give up on their dream.

I know it’s uncomfortable, but it’s real.

Here are the more common success blocks, fears and reasons people quit:


This is a big one.

And that’s because it encompasses all types of fear.

Fear of success, fear of failure, fear of stepping out of your comfort zone.

The thing to remember is that fear is an acronym:

“False Expectations, Appearing, Real.”


This can range from seasonal blues to clinical depression.

Lack of motivation is a major symptom of depression.

It’s no surprise depression holds people back from achieving their goals.

Bad health habits

This sounds simple, but poor health habits (eating low quality food and not getting enough sleep) can keep you from achieving.

Poor health contributes to lack of energy, mental clarity and focus.

All of which are needed to achieve your goals.

Getting burned out

If take on too much, or if you’re leading a stressful life, you can simply burn out.

This lowers productivity, motivation and your overall enthusiasm for a project.

And it’s incredibly common for hungry entrepreneurs.

Lost sight of your goals

Sometimes you lose enthusiasm for a project because things chance.

More often than not, it’s because the goals just aren’t important to you anymore.

You need to re-evaluate to see if they truly aren’t important any more…

Or if you’re considering quitting to avoid guilt about not achieving your goals.

Feeling overwhelmed 

Sometimes we have trouble moving forward because we’re overwhelmed.

Maybe you’re not sure what step to take first.

You may not even be sure if you’re working on the right goal.

This may be a symptom of fear.

Or you could have just created a goal that was too ambitious.

That doesn’t mean scale it back, you may just need to set smaller milestones.

If you find yourself considering giving up, read this post and get out of the rut…

Reflect Positively About Your Past

Entrepreneurship Happy Memories

Most successful entrepreneurs reflect positively on the past, even when rough.

Because successful entrepreneur recognize the truth in being where they’re supposed to be.

One of the least talked about aspects about entrepreneurship is the ability and need to remain present.

Most of us, entrepreneurs or otherwise, often dwell on the past, while simultaneously worrying about the future.

Leaving no time for the present.

The thing is, the past is done, gone and never coming back, and the future hasn’t even happened yet.

The only moment you ever actually have, is right now. This moment. Always.

Grab hold of right now, and pretty soon the future always looks and works itself out in positive ways.

And if the future that becomes the now is bright, your reflections upon the past will be as well.

Remain In The Present With Your Passions

David Aston Kayaking to Enhance Entrepreneurship

If you’re getting out of bed each day for anything other than a passion, it becomes difficult to remain present.

Heck it becomes difficult to get out of bed.

It becomes even tougher to be creative and express enthusiasm for what you do with your time.

Making passion the focal point of your being will result in awareness, happiness and a sense of purpose.

Transform Failure Into Success

David Aston Turning Failure Into Success Entrepreneurship Parable

The fear of success often boils down to fear of change and fear of the unknown.

People intuitively know if they achieve their dreams, their lives will change.

The bigger the dream, the bigger the change.

But don’t be afraid to fail – ever.

Entrepreneurs are never lost and certainly never fail.

Any and every failure was merely pointing out a way something didn’t work.

Use that knowledge to your advantage and you’ll always be winning at life.

Turn Fear Into Motivation

Entrepreneurship is about turning fear into motivation
Human sitting silhouette in back lighting of tunnel

Most have heard of fear of failure, but what about fear of success?

What if I can’t grow any further, what if I get buried, what if, what if, what if?

People often look for ways to sabotage their own success before it happens.

Once you take control of your life and do what needs to be done, you’ll realize you’re the savior you seek.

Use Your Health To Catapult

Team Pushups Entrepreneurship

If you ever hit creative roadblocks or get stuck in a business rut, try improving your health.

Seriously, hear me out…

Great health comes with all the popular benefits – great looks, high energy etc.

But what people don’t talk about is the psychological impact of good health.

True wealth comes from good health and wise ways.

When you strive to be healthy, you hold yourself accountable, research, plan and most of all take action.

All the same traits required for successful entrepreneurship.

Belief Is The Gatekeeper To Success

Entrepreneurship Belief

Once we truly believe in ourselves anything is possible.

An entrepreneur with faith in himself, knows, not just suspects, but knows he or she can accomplish anything.

And I mean anything!

Without unwavering faith in yourself, then even the smallest amount of doubt manifests into growth-stunting monsters.

Comparison Is The Thief Of Joy

Comparison Is The Entrepreneurship Thief Of Joy

Finally, don’t bother wasting valuable mental energy on the fortune of others.

A true entrepreneur is always exactly where he needs to be when he needs to be there.

You’re never lost, and so long as you use setbacks as learning experiences, you’ll never fail.

Take your life and your business one step at a time. 

March to the beat of your own drum.

As you consistently march, implement and learn along the way.

Eventually your goals and the universal magic that’s in and around all of us will align.

That’s it for this one.

We’ll see you soon!

-David Aston

Rito Entrepreneur, YouTuber, Digital Marketer. Founder of Flying Start Online. Dream big, make it happen, and just do what needs to be done!

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