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[500% ROI With SMSBump] Brand New Shopify Strategy For Drop Shipping Stores (Bizathon6 Episode18)

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Did you know that you can send abandoned shopping cart text messages directly to your visitors?

Do you know how many more sales you can and likely will obtain if you do this?

If not, pay close attention as Rito reveals a brand new autopilot strategy:

We just began testing this concept a few days ago with Common Panda, but with a 479% ROI so far, things definitely look promising.

It’s very simple, once you’ve got your Shopify store created, tracking pixels installed and Facebook ads driving traffic, you’ll inevitably lose potential business by way of abandoned carts.

With the concept we’re revealing today, you’ll be recapturing many of those prospects and converting them to customers via text message re-engagement. 

Use SMSBump To Text Cart Abandoners

SMSBump Re Engagement

SMSBump is an awesome new Shopify compatible app that allows store owners to automatically send a text message to visitors who abandoned their shopping cart prior to completing their purchase.

The best part about this app, besides the obvious powerful impact it has on our ROI, is the fact that you literally set it up once, and forget it.

Once set up, the app will automatically engage with users who abandoned a cart so long as they supplied a valid phone number during the checkout process.


Something else that we like about this app is the fact that it doesn’t charge a monthly membership fee.

Instead, you’re charged just under $.02 cents when you actually send a text message.

And $.14 cents for voice messages should you decide to go that as well (we aren’t at this point). 

Basic Settings:

SMSBump Settings Review

Set up is super simple.

From within the settings tab of the SMSBump app that’s now installed on your Shopify store, go through and complete all parameters.

If you’re mostly advertising within the United States, you’ll want to specify the U.S. as your primary country.

Immediately Enable “Do not disturb” to prevent sending texts at inappropriate/annoying times.

Moving down the settings page, Enable “Max SMS Price.” We’ve set our max to $.060 cents.

Just below that is the “Auto recharge” setting, which you’ll want to Enable as well. 

Here’s how we’ve set ours…

  • Balance Threshold = $10
  • Recharge Amount = $20
  • Monthly Capped Amount = $100


Now complete your automation settings.


From within the automation tab complete the following…

We’ll automate 3 different times for each of the abandon cart messages to go out.

Here’s the timing for each:

  • First text is sent after 15 minutes after abandonment
  • Second text is sent after 10 hours after abandonment
  • Third text is send after 1 day after abandonment

As long as your prospects don’t manually opt out, they’ll receive the following messages…

Message To Send To People Who Abandoned A Cart

We utilize 3 separate follow up text messages at 3 different times.

Utilize a similar strategy as you figure out what works best for your particular customers.

Here are the 3 text messages we send to customers who abandon a cart:

Text Message To Send After 15 Minutes:

COMMON PANDA: Hello {firstname!} Panda’s feeling lonely 🙁 Our sale ends soon. Complete checkout here. {AbandonedCheckoutUrl} STOP12885 to opt out. 

Text Message To Send After 10 Hours:

COMMON PANDA: Hello again 🙂 you have left {OrderItemsCount} item(s) in your checkout on Common Panda. Get 10% off with code: SMS10. Complete purchase here: {AbandonedCheckoutUrl} STOP12885 to opt out.

Text Message To Send After 1 Day:

Special treat from (SiteName) 🙂 An item from your cart is almost sold out. Get 10% OFF with discount code SMS10. {AbandonedCheckoutUrl} STOP12885 to opt out.

Pretty simple, right?!

We think so too.

Now for some numbers…

Our (amazing) Stats So Far

SMSBump Analytics for Common Panda Drop Shipping Store

As you can tell from the image above, we’ve only used this for a couple days so far, but have already generated an additional $47.76 dollars revenue from 2 orders, which only cost us $9.96! 

That averages out to about $480% return on investment. 

SMSBump is a game changer and definitely one we see ourselves using from here on out. 

That’ll do it for Episode 18 – Great work!

Questions, comments or just want to say hi?

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Success by choice, not by chance,

-David Aston


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Rito Entrepreneur, YouTuber, Digital Marketer. Founder of Flying Start Online. Dream big, make it happen, and just do what needs to be done!

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