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5 Steps to Create The Perfect Shopify Product Page (Day 14/30) #Bizathon3

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Shopify Product Page

Each month at FSO we build a new business from Scratch in 30 days – The Bizathon Challenge!

If you haven’t yet started with Shopify, you’ll want to do so right now by clicking here.

Because this month we’re building a profitable Shopify store from the ground up.

Yesterday we revealed How to Build A 6-Figure Shopify Store Using Facebook Ads.

Today we cover how to build the “Perfect Product Page” with 4 specific hacks.

Follow along as Rito shows you how to build a product page that converts:

The product page is where the actual sale happens and there are 5 critical elements playing a role…

5 Steps to Create The Perfect Shopify Product Page

There’s a lot of misinformation out there regarding what it takes to build a successful Shopify store.

Most of the time people try to make things look more complicated than they need to be in order to position themselves as the expert savior you need to hire.

Not here. At FSO we are completely transparent with what we’re doing online.

We’ve shown you the entire process of design, development, choosing winning product, setting up scalable FB ad campaigns and even show you our secret weapon – ZeroUp.

All that said, today we’re focusing on an often overlooked aspect of successfully selling products with Shopify – the product listing page.

And these are the five points to focus on…

Shopify Product Page Description hacks doodle

Write A Detailed & Engaging Description

Don’t just write the same old product description as everybody else. That won’t help your product stand out or sale. 

Instead write a fun description in your own voice utilizing the story-selling approach. Talk about the time you first used the product to do whatever it does and how awesome it was. Be concise, but not boring.

Utilize Real Life Images Whenever Possible

Stock images are often times tacky and come off fake.

People have a keen awareness for authenticity and stock images do not convey it. Whenever possible use product images that look real. Like somebody whipped out their camera and took the picture. 

It’s much easier to relate to a real image. 

Also, always include multiple image angles for consumers to get a full view of the product.

Strong Call To Action (CTA)

A strong call to action maintains your flow, and continues to direct the customer. 

It can be as simple as the following:

  • Get Yours Here
  • Get Yours Today!
  • Tag A Friend
  • Don’t Miss Out, Join Now!
  • Add To Cart

It’s important that your main call to action on a Shopify store page is above the fold (viewable without scrolling).

Fidget Cube Common Panda Shopify Product Page

Nudge Consumers To Purchase With Scarcity

This one is pretty self explanatory.

Most consumers whether they realize it or not, have a fear of missing out. It’s part of being human.

You can tug on these string in order to help boost conversion by utilizing any of the following:

  • Showing A Countdown Timer
  • Displaying The Amount of Remaining Stock
  • Limited Time Discount Prominently Displayed
  • Limited Time Bonus For First (Insert Number) Customers

Always Offer FREE Shipping

The word “free” is a major psychological trigger.

And when it comes to successfully promoting Shopify store products, factor the cost of shipping into your price so you can claim “FREE” shipping.

Nobody wants to pay more for anything. Especially when shipping costs are often calculated after products have been added to carts. 

This one is simple, but crucial for conversions. 

That’s a wrap for Day 14 – Great work!

Questions, comments or just want to say hi? We love hearing from you below.

Success by choice, not by chance,

-David Aston


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Rito Entrepreneur, YouTuber, Digital Marketer. Founder of Flying Start Online. Dream big, make it happen, and just do what needs to be done!

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