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Profit InstrumentsNOTE: If you’re looking for the Quick Index system, it’s here.

I created my best-selling Profit Instruments course in 2010.

I had achieved pretty good results with SEO of small affiliate websites back then – upto a point where I had about 100 websites ranking in the top 10 on Google for thousands of keywords.

That was when I created this comprehensive course, and it was very well received.

The entire course consisted of a bunch of videos, walk-throughs, assignments, and cheat sheets.

While, we have discontinued the course because search engine ranking practices have heavily evolved since then – it still has quite a few great concepts especially if you’re a beginner.

If you’re looking for a proven business model that’s working in 2017, check this out.

If anything, this course will show you the mindset behind creating and growing websites that rank well in the search engines.

For now, I have included the PDF summaries of all the main Profit Instruments modules below.

If you would like to watch the course videos, and get access to assignments and cheat sheets – we have made them publicly available on this page.

Profit Instruments Core Modules

Profit Instruments

Module 1: Introduction

Gives you the basics of the PI strategy.

Download PDF

Module 2: Selection

Teaches you how to select the right products to promote, and from where.

Download PDF

Module 3: Creation

How to structure, and create your Profit Instrument.

Download PDF

Module 4: Promotion

Creation is just the beginning. Time for search engine optimization.

Download PDF

Module 5: Optimization

How to optimize and tweak your PI for best results

Download PDF

Module 6: Expansion

Growing your PI business from one to several dozen quickly.

Download PDF

Module 7: Domination

Next level stuff including site flipping for massive profits.

Download PDF

Complete PI Video Training

Use the video player controls below to navigate through videos in the training. Enjoy 🙂

I hope you consume the material with a grain of salt because it is pretty outdated.

However, a lot of concepts in there are true even today. In fact, we still see a LOT of PI websites being created every single day in all sorts of niches.

So yeah, go go go!


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