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How To Promote Clickbank Products To Email List – (Day 26/30) #Bizathon

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traffic volume

A few days ago, I got a request that made me think.

Can you generate sales for a Clickbank product?

It got me thinking…

Since Clickbank is a huge marketplace with products in several niches, it would do my business and my audience good to promote a Clickbank offer.

I didn’t want to make it part of the autoresponder sequence, so I decided to schedule out newsletter emails today.

In today’s “15-Minute Sprint“, I explained the concept of VOLUME of traffic in terms of email lists, and then chose a Clickbank product to promote to my list, and finally dumped a few swipe emails from the affiliate resources page of the product as newsletters.

Traffic Volume

traffic volume

I see a lot of novice List Builders give up in their journey really quickly.

The reason for that is if they spend a couple hundred on traffic and get, say – 100 leads.

Then when they send an email to that list a few times and don’t get a sale – they’re discouraged and give up.

I’d like to explain the concept of TRAFFIC VOLUME.

If you have a 100 subscribers, and get say 3% CTR on your emails – that’s 3 unique people who are going to the sales page you’re promoting.

If the sales page is for a $37 product that converts at 3% – you’ll need to send at least 33 unique clicks to that page to generate a sale.

In order to do that – you’ll need to email your list at least a dozen times or more.

Taking this example in our scenario – the Clickbank product I chose was $97.

So it would probably convert at around 1%. I would need to send at least 100 clicks. But since a big chunk of our audience is from Emerging markets – I’ll probably need to send about 200-300 clicks in order to get a sale.

Which means a minimum of 5 newsletter blasts to our list of 1600 people.

Choosing a Clickbank Product

Create an affiliate account with Clickbank if you don’t have one already.

Next up, head over to the Marketplace and then select a product that closely relates to your own list audience.

Since our audience is interested in passive income – I chose the product “CB Passive Income” – LOL! It even has the actual phrase PASSIVE INCOME in the product’s name.

I went over the affiliate resources page and they had already provided a BUNCH of email swipes.

In ideal situations – you’re supposed to take those swipes and build you own emails with similar angles.

But since we don’t have that much time on our hands – I decided to simply copy and paste the swipes they had given and just placed my own Clickbank affiliate link in the mix.

Since I already have an active Clickbank account – but I’m not actively promoting any IM products from that account, I think it’s safe to say that it’s good enough for the Challenge.


I ended up sending one blast right then and scheduled a few more blasts over the next 2 days promoting that Clickbank product.

I’ll discuss the stats as they come in.

I look forward to reading and replying to your comments:

Rito Entrepreneur, YouTuber, Digital Marketer. Founder of Flying Start Online. Dream big, make it happen, and just do what needs to be done!

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