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Quick Facebook Ads Hacks! Are You Doing These? – (Day 24/30) #Bizathon

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facebook ad hacks

We’ve been able to create very good Facebook ad campaigns in the past few days, but there were a few things lacking.

Things like Lookalikes, Imported Audiences, Scaling, and more Ads.

In today’s “15-Minute Sprint“, I dove inside Facebook Ads like a NINJA and implemented a few quick hacks that will get us better results going forward.


We already have a list of over 1300 people now and FB shows around 1200 of them inside our “Leads Audience”.

Once your lead count crosses 1000, that’s when you need to create a LOOKALIKE audience based off of those leads in your primary target country.

facebook lookalike audience us

Our primary target country is US – so we now have a list of over 2 MILLION people as part of the new lookalike audience.

Imported Audience

The next thing I did was export all our leads from Sendlane, and then imported them into Facebook as part of a Custom Audience (Customer List).

Took all about 2 minutes to do all this – but what Facebook will do now is match the email addresses we just imported with their database and create an audience for us.

UPDATE: They already did. We have 1100 peeps in this audience now:

facebook imported audience

So we’re literally re-targeting our email list on Facebook.

Scaling Strategy

First off, I went in and paused both:

  • Ad Sets
  • Ads

… that were not working so well (read: expensive leads)

Then I increased the budget by about 15% of the ad sets that were working well for us.

We’re pretty much getting email leads from Emerging countries at 15 cents a pop.

leads emerging countries

The rule to scaling with Facebook Ads is:

Never increase the budget of any ad set by more than 15% in one day.

And once you’ve increased the budget, let it run for a couple of days and then increase some more.

Video Creative

Since our Obama ad was still PENDING APPROVAL, I needed a new creative to send people to the affiliate offer (Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Workshop)

So I turned on my Screenflow, and doodled out the napkin sketch on my computer while talking on the webcam.

Took about 5-7 minutes to get the finished creative, and I just DUPLICATED the image ad we already had, and replaced the image with the Video.

Finishing Notes

Don’t be afraid to get on camera.

I had a very sad camera presence (or at least I thought so) and so I avoided getting on camera for over 9 YEARS.

Seriously – I avoided face-to-camera as much as I could for nine whole years.

But since the world media is shifting more and more towards video, it’s time you get your face out there.

I look forward to reading and replying to your comments below:

Rito Entrepreneur, YouTuber, Digital Marketer. Founder of Flying Start Online. Dream big, make it happen, and just do what needs to be done!

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