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3 Reasons This Dumb Product Made $6,500 With Dropshipping (Bizathon5 Episode3)

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Welcome back to Flying Start Online!

Last month We Scaled A Shopify Business To $1,000 Per Day.

This time around we’ll document our journey to $30k a month.

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The Bizathon Challenge!

Enjoy the video as Rito reveals 3 ways to crush it with dumb products:

Over the past couple of months, one dumb product has made us more than $6k!

Today we’ll reveal how you too can crush it with low priced, winning  products.

The exact strategy we use to crush our conversion rate with low price products.

Here’s what happened…

We’d been selling (successfully) low cost money boxes on our store for a while.

But wanted to find other winning products besides the money boxes.

The issue was the festive season drove ad costs through the roof.

So this next winning product really needed to blow some minds in order to make advertising costs back.

The question is, how do you make money selling low priced items?

Well, items priced at $9.99 – $14.95 are the target and you can use Pexda to find them.

In our case, we came across some magnetic slime.

We utilized the video, copy and vendor provided by Wanelo and Pexda, making slight modifications.

Here are the three things that helped up sell this product successfully:

Discount To Customers Purchasing In Bulk

We simply added a variant to our product color lists which said, “All 6 Colors For 60% Discount.”

Whenever a customer attempted to purchase all 6 colors, we manually placed the order through AliExpress.

A single unit was being sold for $12.95, but when we added the bulk purchase option, people were then purchasing this product from us at about $60 a pop. 

Believe it or not, this higher price point converted significantly better for us. 

This increased our average order value and enhanced our return on ad spend.

Time Promotions Around Holidays & Events

Popular events and holidays increase the liklihood of impulse buys. 

Items like the magnetic puddy make perfect gifts.

Had we promoted that product a month earlier (Black Friday), it’s very possible we’d have doubled our income.

We also suggested related products below the slime, and as upsell during this time, which helped our average order value significantly.

Utilize Catchy Videos To Sale Your Products

More than 71% of global consumers feel video explains the product better.

Utilizing a catchy and relatable video to sell your product, will exponentially increase your conversions.

Curiosity sells. Video sells.

You really can’t afford not to utilize video.

Identify Active Markets With Your Ads

Because we were able to recognize the popularity of the magnetic putty, our conversions hovered around 7%  

7 out of every 100 people who saw our product, purchased it.

That’s a very high conversion rate. A conversion rate made possible by category drilling, pexda and Google search.

What really revealed it’s popularity among certain demographics, were our ads. 

We were able to identify who was interested in this product, and then specifically target those people with duplicated ad sets.

There you have it.

And incredibly simple way to crush it with ridiculous products.

That’ll do it for Episode 3 – Great work!

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Success by choice, not by chance,

-David Aston


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Rito Entrepreneur, YouTuber, Digital Marketer. Founder of Flying Start Online. Dream big, make it happen, and just do what needs to be done!

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