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The Sneaky Machine: How I Make Money Online – Turn $3k Into $16k (Bizathon6 Episode8)

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The Sneaky Machine- How I Make Money Online

Today we’re covering what Rito has deemed the, “Sneaky Machine.”

For this example, we’ll be investing $3,000 in order to transform it into $16,000…

This is one of the most efficient ways we can think of to make money online. 

Grab a pen and paper, and enjoy the video as Rito reveals the Sneaky Machine:

First things first…

If you’re new to the realm of Facebook Advertising, definitely check out our three part series:

This strategy has been used by many people to make money online.

A lot of money. 

And it’s definitely possible for you to emulate similar success.

Businesses are like machines.

It’s your job to build them and ensure they operate smoothly.

The Sneaky Retargeting Machine

First things first, in order for this to work, you need to exclude targeting visitors who have visited within the last 90 days for each of the Facebook ads you’re about to create.

We launch a retargeting ad set when a given product reaches 100 visitors per day. 

There are 3 primary retargeting adsets we’ll be creating:

  1. U.S. Revival (3 Days)
  2. U.S. Carousel (7 Days)
  3. Worldwide Revival (3 Days)

Step 1 – Create Your Custom Audiences

We’ll have another more detailed post on custom audiences in the very near future. 

But for now, you’ll be creating two custom audiences for each ad set:

Custom Audience #1 – People who have visited a specific product page without making a purchase within 3 days.

Custom Audience #2 – People who visited the same product page without purchasing within the last 7 days. 

Step 2 – Create Your Ad

This is where you’ll get creative with any copy, images and / or video to create intrigue in order to get the click and ultimately a purchase.

There are two primary ad creatives you’ll be using.

Here are examples:

Ad Creative #1 – (discount image ad) Did life get in the way? Here’s 10% off coupon to complete your purchase! 

Ad Creative #2 – (carousel images ad) Hey, we noticed you checked out some products without completing your purchase… Was it the price? Just in case, here’s 10% off!

Step 3- Ad Settings

Make Money Online With Facebook Advertising

One product, one campaign, and three ad sets.

Objective: Website Conversion -> Purchase

Daily Budget: $3 -> Increase budget $1 for every 100 new visitors.

Age: 18-65

Gender: All

Language: All

Devices: All

Placements: All

Frequency: 7 Day Click or 1 Day View

Bidding: Automatic

Only Other Setting To Change: Custom Audience

Remember, many people will see your ads on their phone, visit your site and never buy. 

This is where retargeting is so powerful. 

You know the person who visited your site after seeing the ad is at least slightly interested. 

There’s a good chance they need a little nudge prior to purchasing. 

You’ll rinse and repeat for each of the aforementioned retargeting ad sets. 

That’ll do it for Episode 8 – Great work!

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Rito Entrepreneur, YouTuber, Digital Marketer. Founder of Flying Start Online. Dream big, make it happen, and just do what needs to be done!

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