Woo… First Sale! Plus Solo Ads From Facebook Groups – (Day 15/30) #Bizathon

We’re at half-time, but in a Bizathon there are no intervals.

We gotta keep working every day and keep building up the Email Business.

Today, I needed to announce a few things.

In today’s “15-Minute Sprint”, I showed the latest stats from the first solo ad buy, then finished the ClickFunnels Optin Funnel, and then browsed through Facebook Groups to find Individual Vendors to place the next order for solo ad.

Our First Sale!

Last night, just before going to bed – I looked up my  affiliate account and we had made our FIRST SALE from this challenge.

The sale was for the Inbox Blueprint payment plan, which gives us $298.50 commission three times.

first sale

So we’ve pretty much sealed in around $900 in revenue.

Our expenses so far are just with the solo ad buy from SoloForMe for $550 and the domain name purchase.

The interesting part about this sale is that the solo ad is STILL RUNNING and we’ll be getting more opt-ins, and hopefully sales.

PLUS, we also have 7 days of autoresponders to get more people to sign up for the affiliate offer webinar.

Most of our new leads are just in Day 2 of the autoresponder sequence.

Our email list is now almost 400 strong!

email list is growing

Finishing The ClickFunnels Optin Funnel

I spent a few minutes in today’s sprint to put finishing touches to the CF optin funnel.

While testing the funnel, it seemed like emails weren’t getting stored in our Sendlane account.

After the live stream ended – I checked and the emails we had tested the funnel with – were showing up in the Sendlane account.

So that’s golden.

We’ve pretty much duplicated the entire funnel (both optin and thank you page) now.

Solo Ads From Facebook Groups

There are several FB groups where solo ad buyers and sellers hang out and one of my favourites is this one.

In this group, buyers are only allowed to post testimonials of solo ad vendors if they have driven sales from their solo ads.

The last month, I noticed a guy ‘Jas’ who’s name kept popping in my feed with glorious testimonials from buyers.

I talked to him and asked him to send us 1000 clicks rotated among the Clickfunnels funnel and Inbox Blueprint funnel. I’ll be completing the payment for this in tomorrow’s LIVE stream.

I’m super excited with the progress we’ve made so far because we are already in PROFIT. What remains to be seen is if we can drive a few more sales in the next 15 days.

The Bad News

I have been getting a lot of emails from people who are following this challenge and while I reply wherever I can, it’s difficult to answer questions one-on-one since I’ve multiple businesses to run.

However, I will put some thought into it and come up with a solution soon.

Do understand that if you are following along with the challenge – I am super-proud of you for taking action.

Exciting stuff coming up from next sessions. See you then.

I look forward to reading and replying to your comments below:


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