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How To Create Squeeze Pages That Convert Like WOAH!

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Squeeze Page Used by President Obama For His Campaigns

A squeeze page is a “bait page” of sorts. It is simply a page that is created with the purpose to accumulate website visitor’s email addresses. In this article, I’ll show you HOW to create Squeeze Pages that convert like WOAAAHHHHH!

We’ll discuss some of the most important elements of a squeeze page and some STUNNING examples of squeeze pages.

Starting with…

Squeeze Page Used by President Obama For His Campaigns

Even President Obama used squeeze pages in some of his campaigns. Still wondering if you should?

The objective is straightforward: Offer something so tempting that visitors want you to email them.

Whether it’s a coupon, a discount, a guide, a tool, or a prize – whatever you have to offer, make it so ENTICING that your “squeeze page” collects email addresses like them bees collect honey.

Email Still Rules

In many niches, a 10% conversion rate on a squeeze page is believed to be exceptional.

We have squeeze pages that yield 40-65% conversion rates.

Reaching a 65% conversion rate may seem miraculous…! But there are some niches, where a properly optimized squeeze page yields such results.

But there are some niches, where a properly optimized squeeze page can yield such results.

This means at least two out of every three people who visit your page will sign up for whatever you are offering.

Simply put, email subscribers are more interactive than most. Your prospects can overlook Facebook posts, Tweets, and even RSS updates, but everyone checks their email.

Your prospects can overlook Facebook posts, Tweets, and even RSS updates, but everyone checks their email.

Would You Rather?

The term “the money is in the list,” refers to the list of email subscribers who are interested in your offers and promos.

If I ask you this: Would you rather have…

  • An RSS reader?
  • A Facebook fan?
  • An email subscriber?

For most of you, the answer will be ’email subscriber’.

I’ll take an email lead ANY DAY over these vanity social followers.

Social followers have their place, but the ROI is simply not at par with email subs.

There are just SO MANY ways of monetizing your email list. Email subscribers are the ones who are most likely to connect with your content, use word of mouth, and buy your products.

So, What’s the Fuss? 

Well, purportedly you want a DYNAMIC squeeze page that will give you the results you long for.

You are probably well aware that squeeze pages are designed with just one goal in mind, which is to grasp visitors and convert them into subscribers and ultimately into paying customers.

It’s quite different from an affiliate blog, where you can just build an email list with WordPress using some plugins and theme features.

A Squeeze Page To Convert Subscribers Into Paying Customers

On the other hand, a modicum of effort is involved in making your squeeze page effective, one that will supply you with an exorbitant exchange and make your page a well-honed money making venture.

However, there’s no need to be alarmed.

Just remember that “less is more,” and creating your squeeze page has less to do with a full-effect flash page littered with blinking bells and whistles.

Online marketing is about discovering your niche market and then promoting to that base.

Internet marketers need the savvy on how to get the most out of these capture pages.

The following information will hopefully set you on the right track with ways to optimize your squeeze page and get visitors to bestow one of the Internets most prized tools, the almighty email address.

It’s always great to have a complete end-to-end understanding, which is why I recommend Inbox Blueprint for anyone who’s starting out with email marketing.

Creating Squeeze Pages That Convert

First, there are distinct TYPES of squeeze pages and each one has it’s place.

If your marketing concept includes a newsletter, perhaps you can allow your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter via your squeeze page.

An Example of Perfectly Optimized Squeeze Page

If you have freebies to offer, you can inform visitors to your website that they can subscribe to your newsletter to receive a free gift; thereby, utilizing your squeeze page.

optin form blog

If you have no freebies to offer, a squeeze PAGE is a must!

For instance, you are selling a product for $120.

You create a squeeze web page informing visitors of the benefits of your product, and subsequently divulge them with the concept that in order to receive additional information on the offered product or service, they should fill out your subscription, or opt-in form.

The strategy is to highlight the key features of your product or service without disclosing everything about the product. However, the information offered should be enough to

However, the information offered should be enough to “entice the intellect” of the visitor and make them eager to know more about your product or service.

Hypothetical numbers: If out of 400 visitors, 150 subscribe to your offer, out of the 150 subscribers, 30 will probably purchase your product or service. This is all around good news. In addition, the 120 subscribers who did not buy from you are not exactly useless either.

As a shopper yourself, you know how many times you’ve “put a product on hold”, taking a mental note to check-in at various intervals to see what the company has to offer.

What’s important is that you have gained 30 new customers and opened the door to 120 others!

Now that you have opened the door to communication, you can resume offering your product or services for years to come or until they unsubscribe.

Elements of  Squeeze Pages That Convert

Any squeeze page consists of identical elements and is concentrated on one goal, to get visitors to become a subscriber and hopefully a loyal customer.

These elements include:

  • An intriguing title
  • A court or extensive introduction
  • An image of the freebie
  • An opt-in form including a “call to action”
  • Optional video or audio
  • Identification of the owner (optional)

There are many variations; therefore, you must decide which model suits your objectives best. Most of the time, this can only be realized through testing.

But, it completely depends upon your motivation for using a squeeze page.

If you only want to get subscribers, a simple squeeze page is perfect.

However, if your animus is for visitors to purchase something, you will have to be a bit craftier.

For example, some businesses use squeeze pages after a sale is closed just to aggregate subscribers who may be interested in future offers. It’s a clever way to get future customers at no cost.

Optimized Squeeze Page by Blog Profit Camp

Nonetheless, a squeeze page is considerably more than what appears on the surface.

It is fine to add some elements to your squeeze page to ignite a visitors emotions and get them on your list. Some of these elements are:

A short but imposing headline. The headline is a crucial part of your squeeze page.

The headline is a crucial part of your squeeze page.

Several bullet points that depict, to some extent, the product or service you are offering.

For the most part, a squeeze page frequently exclusively contains one paragraph of text that is known as “sales copy.”

In many cases, a squeeze page is actually an opt-in form that provides several sentences of text within that specific form.

A Dating Landing Page Example

One aspect you must discern is that you must handle your squeeze page as an addition to your sales copy. There is no need to be a dazzling gimmicky copywriter.

There is no need to be a dazzling gimmicky copywriter. If there’s anything I’ve learnt – anyone can write copy.

Just be sure to align your page with the equivalent expertise that you have utilized in masterminding your sales pages and supplementary advertising material with your product or service.

A touch of audio will go a long way with improving the inducement of your squeeze page.

If your audio is exceptional, your visitor will be mesmerized and will enthusiastically subscribe to your list.

Even so, don’t OVERDO it. Remember, “less is more.”

In addition, audio is not for everyone. If you test the effect audio has on your page and your conversion levels decrease, it is probably best to drop the audio altogether.

Make your Squeeze Page Comfortable to Read

Make certain that everything remains above the fold on your squeeze page.

The overall perception is that squeeze pages are indubitably effective, as they are focused oriented. The “fold” embodies the screen without the reader needing to scroll up or down the page.

A Smartly Designed Squeeze Page Above The Fold

Be non-fussy, coherent, and treat your visitors as intelligent potential customers. Don’t try to “deceive” them into subscribing.

The opt-in form should be noticeable, with an adequate “call to action.” 

A Example of Call To Action Page

Be careful when utilizing audio and video and keep the complete squeeze page centered around the fold.

Your Squeeze Page Headline

A Headline To Attract Subscriptions

Your squeeze page headline will be the first thing to grab your visitor’s attention. The rule is 7-10 seconds. During this short interval, a visitor will decide whether to take the bait or not.

A Fascinating Headline To Attract Visitors

Your headline should be fascinating enough to keep your visitors interested.

Your page should “propose a solution” to a problem. Highlight your headline by utilizing color, larger fonts, and placing it at the center of the page.

A Headline Targeting A Goal

Use bullet points to explicate the advantages of your product or service, not the features. Bullet points break down the copy making it more readable.

What Colors are most Effective for a Squeeze Page?

Should your squeeze page color reflect your personal taste or how the color will affect visitors?

It may be a bit of both.

Studies show that color influences the choices we make. Supermarkets and restaurants are experts at utilizing color to their benefit.

Supermarkets and restaurants are experts at utilizing color to their benefit.

However, television and computer monitors form color by using primary shades of light. Every pixel starts out as black.

When the blue, green, and red phosphors of a pixel are illumined concurrently, that pixel turns to white.

This occurrence is known as “additive color.” You must keep the “objective” of creating your squeeze page in mind.

Do you prefer a bright-pink page or black?

Remember, Internet users affix differing moods and substance to colors.

Many squeeze page designers use darker reds or medium blues as a background hue.

In spite of this, any color would be appropriate as long as it isn’t too disconcerting or eccentric. In addition, the color my harmonize with any graphics used on the page as well.

Using Appropriate Color Scheme For Your Opt-in Page

Contrary to popular belief about squeeze page colors, most visitors prefer simple white backgrounds. A bit of text color and varying fonts is fine.

If you use a black background with red lettering, the text combination could very well scare visitors away!

Moreover, a black background with yellow lettering can seem just as debasing and impudent to visitors.

If your page is an “immediate turn-off,” why should visitors bother to subscribe to anything you have to offer?

The best thing to do is to test the colors that work best for you and how those colors fit with the product and services you are offering.

Adding Information to the Opt-In Form

Your squeeze page should enclose any important information above the fold, which is the section of your page that visitors can view without scrolling.

Consequently, it is frequently paramount to add opt-in forms and text in two columns.

It is advised to add an eCover as well.

An eCover is a picture or set of metaphors that are created to appear like the “real thing,” such as an actual physical CD, book, or DVD case.

They are frequently used to introduce impact to the squeeze page of downloadable information products such as ebooks.

There are various means of getting an effective eCover created. You can purchase an eCover creator online or use one within Gimp or Photoshop.

A Squeeze Page with eCover

Opt-in forms can be obtained from your auto-responder service like Aweber, Getresponse, Sendy etc..

Wrapping it Up! 

If you have followed the preceding advice, you probably have a good idea on how to create the perfectly optimized squeeze page.

Your page should have a headline, bullet points, perhaps graphics, and you have discovered the cipher for the opt-in form in your auto responder.

Now, all that needs to be done is putting it all together, save, upload, and direct traffic to your squeeze page.

Traffic is vital. Without traffic, you have no subscribers! Solo Ad traffic is the best for squeeze pages.

Your form must be pasted into the HTML space, and you are done with your squeeze page. After saving the file, you can upload, test it, and begin directing traffic to it. Just be sure that all the essential components are above the fold.


Many professional squeeze page designers suggest the use of PPC, or pay-per-click advertisement since they seem to work best with these types of pages.

Some propose utilizing Google Adwords. However, to make certain that your page correlates correctly with PPC advertisement, your squeeze page must be “key-phrase intense” to be able to optimize the benefits of using Adwords. The more your pages are optimized, the less you will have to pay Google.

If you really want to take your page to the top and want your website to turn into a leading influential power in the Internet arena, discovering and utilizing fantastic squeeze page layouts will genuinely advance your business to new heights.


Generally, anything you want to succeed at will take insurmountable effort. If anything, you will learn from creating an effective squeeze page is that you cannot design a page that is not focused on your product or service.

In other words, do not insert rudiments that will divert the reader that are not affiliated with what you are offering on your squeeze page.

I would LOVE to see more examples of high converting squeeze pages. Share your tips and examples in the comments below 🙂

Rito Entrepreneur, YouTuber, Digital Marketer. Founder of Flying Start Online. Dream big, make it happen, and just do what needs to be done!

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