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The Complete Copywriting for your Product Pages

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The Complete Copywriting for your Product Pages

Are you one of those who have blown your money on ads to draw visitors to your product pages but have not succeeded? Check out this article to view the complete copywriting blueprint for your Product pages and all you need to do is replicate the concepts/steps. You can use it for any product because the model has been developed based on visitor data analytics. Check out this video for free and dive into real time.

Five Primary Goals of Complete copywriting for your Product Pages

Copywriting is not about the content alone but a perfect sequence of image, content and other elements that add up to an effective sales copy. You need to remember that it is not essential to have a long sales copy and the following five goals should be focused upon to get a right sale.

  1. Entice Emotion
  2. Generate Hype
  3. Build Trust
  4. Showcase Benefits
  5. Address Doubts

When you have all these goals addressed you get that Add to Cart and zero down to closing a sale.

Speaking your customer lingo

To get the purchase, you need to speak your customer lingo and ensure that you are targeting the right product/niche to the right customer because each customer is different.

My Product Page Model

My Product page model serves as a complete copywriting blueprint based on which you can easily configure your product pages.

Clean PNG Logo

The logo should be transparent with no random backgrounds. It should be clean, visually appealing being the brand that speaks for you.


The header displays with the Menu on the left, Cart on the right and Search box next to the Cart. The cart icon is always to the right because people are used to seeing this icon on the right.


Primary Picture

This is the first picture that introduces your product and it should be enticing and professional. This is the highlight of your product page.




Choose the good-looking images, rearrange them and ensure that the images do not have Aliexpress based icons or logos. You have to arrange the images in such a way that it highlights variety based on colors, variants, and the ways in which the product can be used in the first few thumbnails.

How to highlight variety?

Rearrange the images in your product pages and the way to do this is by rearranging the images you have by editing all the products at your Shopify back end.



Your short title is displayed below with the price. You strike off the higher price, and mention the percentage or the dollar discount to let your customers know that a deal is going on.

Name your variants

One of the gravest mistakes that people do is failing to rename the variants. When you import products from Aliexpress, sometimes they have options like “from China” or “from United States”, “ABC” or some random numbers like “19, 20, 21” because most of the Aliexpress vendors do not name the colors or variants of the products properly. When these products are imported from Aliexpress, the random data is also imported to your Shopify store. You need to ensure that all the variants are named uniquely.

Add to Cart button


Guaranteed Safe Checkout

Countdown Timer


Key to Success

Nine key elements


Each product description should be unique and different based on the nature of the product, target audience and so on. The ultimate goal is to incorporate the above nine elements though you can start off with a few elements and gradually start adding each element when your products start performing well.

Note: Do not create your product page even before you have advertised it

The nine element focus

Let us describe in detail the significance of these elements in shaping a perfect product description.


The following attributes can be highlighted to increase the hype and create a great impact on your customer:

  • Discount – 50 – 60% (a ballpark percentage)
  • Stock Availability – Limited (create an urgency, scarcity to speed up the buying process)
  • Shipping Charges – Free

Punchline and Appeal:

This is like a sub-headline of your product which emphasizes the uniqueness of your product. The more persuasive and convincing it is the more number of buyers will it attract.   This block of text should appeal to the emotions of your consumer.

Check out my blog post and video on copywriting that speaks more about the consumer purchase – emotion quotient.

Alt Images:

Break up the content with images because a picture is worth a thousand words. Images are visually appealing and prospects coming to your product page from visual platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest will align with your products and its specifications when showcased in a new perspective as “Alt image 1”.


The core benefits that will accrue by making use of the product can be jotted down through bullet points. Feature specifications such as weight, volt etc., should never be brought in here. Your consumers are more interested in the results and experience that they will gain through the purchase of the product rather than the product itself.

Alt Image#2:

Use the second alt image to visualize the text.

FAQ or Instructions:

This section is optional but you can keep building the FAQ/Instructions as your products keep selling more. Pick out the most common questions that people ask and create an FAQ. If the product is too technical you can add set of instructions on how to use the product.


Add your own set of Guarantees for shipping, refund and so on.


Guide your consumer to take action by clicking this button. Show them that the product is eligible for a discount; create a sense of urgency by stating the stipulated time frame of the product availability.

Trust Image:


Trust image creates a secure purchase environment with the best price and guarantees which will boost up your average order value.

Average Order Value:


Add a bunch of products inside a collection and from that collection, the products will be pulled in to be displayed here. They are tightly related so your consumer will end up buying more number of products displayed in this collection and not restrict the purchase to the one product that is showcased. Now you are one step closer to a sale.



Ensure to include the review block only if you have more than five reviews which will add to the social feedback. But most of the beginner Shopify stores pages showcase this review block even if they have zero reviews and add the Loox’s review app or the Product Reviews app.

Zero reviews turn off the visitors, and they start questioning about the authenticity of the product. What Loox’s review app does is it imports reviews from Aliexpress including images and customer reviews who have actually used the product.



Logo blurb with links are displayed at the footer that adds legitimacy to your store and increases the customers’ trust factor. Your credit card logos such as Visa/MasterCard/PayPal makes buying easier for your customers.

Examples of Product Pages

Super Nail Gel


The other elements:

The punchline that says “our awesome new super nail gel is a must-have for the fashionista and you get the nails done good and quick”, the emotional appeal emphasizes on saving money and time. Rest of the elements such as discount, the alt images, the benefits, the FAQ with our step by step instructions on how to apply, remove and store have also been added.

Next in the sequence comes the 5 point happiness checklist, Add to Cart to order the fast selling limited quantity, the related products bundle collection and the 51 reviews that this product has gained. Then comes the footer in the bottom which has the credit card logo links at the bottom makes the person more comfortable and adds legitimacy to your product page.

Hydroponics LED Strip

This is a most slightly more technical product so the way I talk to people in this product description is very different. I start off with “Howdy Grower” because growers are people who will probably be using this product. I got to know about these terms by researching about this niche putting in some keyword searching.


Once you do a bit of research you can find out the kind of words that your consumers associate themselves with the kind of words that they want to see on a product page if they’re buying something in that niche. Follow the steps listed in My Product Page Model and ensure to avoid common mistakes to increase the conversion rate. All these elements are inbuilt in our dropship theme. You will gradually become a copywriting wizard with continuous practice.

Rito Entrepreneur, YouTuber, Digital Marketer. Founder of Flying Start Online. Dream big, make it happen, and just do what needs to be done!

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