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Create A Tripwire Membership Funnel Utilizing 4 Relationship Building Strategies (Day 28/30) #Bizathon2

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Tripwire Membership Funnel Relationship Building

Each month at FSO we build brand new businesses from Scratch in 30 days – The Bizathon Challenge!

This month we’re building up a Membership Website.

Not only can you follow along as we build this business from the ground up, you can become a founding member for just $1!

So far we’ve created a membership website – with accompanying sales funnel, solo ads and both targeted and retargeted Facebook Ads.

We’ve even covered and implemented multiple advanced modern marketing tactics together.

In our last session, we shared the 5 psychological selling points making people buy.

And today, we reveal “Relationship Building Strategies” that get people into your tripwire marketing funnel.

Enjoy the video as Ritoban shares specific relationship building strategies designed for continuity:

Create A Tripwire Membership Funnel Utilizing 4 Relationship Building Strategies

Before we get into the details of the new tripwire funnel, let’s talk about user relationship goals…

The point of any marketing campaign is to turn Visitors into Leads and Leads into Customers.

Visitors -> Leads -> Customers…

There are a couple of surefire ways to go about this.

Relationship Builder #1 – Free High Quality Content

Give your best content away for FREE. And make sure it’s quality; detailed and actionable.

Doing this not only shows you’re the real deal, but build trust and a loyal following.

Get the content out there via blog posts, videos and advertorials.

Relationship Builder #2 – Use Social Proof to Build Authority

Creating quality content will get users commenting, liking and sharing your stuff.

Take full advantage of this by displaying the social trigger counts prominently on your site.

Early on you may not have many social triggers. So consider waiting until your numbers begin to grow in order to avoid an opposite effect.

You don’t want to look like a ghost in the industry.

That said, detailed and actionable content will speak volumes about your credibility regardless of share counts.

Relationship Builder #3 – Segment Email Lists For Hyper Targeting

Email marketing is incredibly powerful and personal.

You can separate your audience into specific groups, interacting with them based on specific needs.

In order to convert as many potential customers as possible, identify specific buyer personas.

In our case, we created the Bizathon list. The same day we sent an autoresponder to all of our other lists, presenting an opportunity to join the community.

Not only does segmenting hyper-target users, more importantly it shows respect. You’re only marketing specific products, services and content to people who showed interest.

Relationship Builder #4 – Build Some Hype

If you believe in your business then there’s absolutely no reason not to get people excited.

Use webinars, solo and Facebook ads, blog posts and emails to get word out about your high quality content. It’s a great way to generate buzz.

Relationships Building With Digital Products

Let’s move on to the actual tripwire funnel.

Tripwire means converting leads into customers by presenting a low-cost, painless offer;  then up-selling them once they’re in your sales funnel. 

In order to fully grasp tripwire marketing, we’ll look at our current funnel:

  • Optin Page
  • VSL + WSL Hybrid
  • Checkout Page
  • Upsell (VSL)
  • Thank You Page

The tripwire funnel involves an additional two steps:

  • Advertorial Blog Post
  • Sales Page for a new low-price product.

We’ll be introducing our tripwire product (product to get users in the door) via a content based pitch aka Advertorial. It will be a one time offer priced between $7 – $47 solving a very specific problem in your buyer’s life.

Create successful tripwires by being very specific about the problems your ideal customer has.

This is where “mini courses” are clutch.

If you’re regularly creating high quality content on your website you already have enough to repackage as a tripwire product.

Here are some common tripwires:

  • Webinars
  • Physical Product
  • ‘Blueprint’ Guides
  • Personal Consultation

To scale this website, we’ll be implementing the following tripwire marketing tactics moving forward…

Implement Initial Tripwire As Clever Advertorial or Sales Page

The advertorial is an incredibly effective way to sell anything, especially a tripwire product.

Basically you’re writing a content based ad that offers value while promoting a product.

Click here to see an advertorial in action.

Tripwire Membership Relationship Building Doodle

Use A Stress Free Checkout Page

Users making it to a checkout page are sometimes presented with a page looking nothing like what they’ve been experiencing up to this point with your brand.

This can be bit stressful, and risks sucking a bit of the excitement out of them.

Keep things uniform, simple and concise.

You’ve worked so hard to maintain attention through your advertising campaign and funnel, don’t lose money due to an obnoxious checkout page.

Upsell 1 As Membership Site Trial 

This is another lower price offer, but this time attached to a high ticket item thanks to monthly re-billing after the trial expires.

Tripwire funnels work by immediately presenting core offers after initial purchases.

And right after the core offer, there should be at least one more upsell (in most cases there are 3) for an even higher-ticket product. 

Upsell 2 Membership Upgrade (High Ticket)

The customer has already agreed to purchased and more likely than any other time to purchase again. So sequence additional irresistible up-sells into the funnel.

The tripwire sale alone usually won’t yield profits.

The higher margins and actual profits occur with the up-sells.

I our case Rito is offering a $197 annual membership upgrade.

Upsell 3 Live Coaching Call

Coaching calls are not only a great way to earn big money, they’re wonderful for building authority, trust and reputation around your brand. 

Not only will an upsell offering a Live 1 on 1 coaching call make your sales funnel look more complete, it shows you actually care about the success of your user.

Aside from delivering on your promises regarding the call’s topic of choice, use this time to determine which other products and services would be a good fit.

If you are running in to creativity blocks, outline all topics your visitors are interested in and create short, but convenient tripwires for each.

You can also view your most popular posts and build tripwires around those specific topics.

Remember the entire idea of a tripwire is not to get filthy rich, it’s to get customers in the door.

An easy way to create a tripwire is by breaking off pieces of your main offer and packaging them as smaller separate products. 

Only 2 days to go…

That’s it for Day 28 – Well done!

If you’re not being kept in the loop via our #Bizathon list be sure to sign up today!

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Rito Entrepreneur, YouTuber, Digital Marketer. Founder of Flying Start Online. Dream big, make it happen, and just do what needs to be done!

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