VSL Landing Page Created in WordPress – (Day 7/30) #Bizathon2

In the previous sessions, we were able to write the VSL Copy and then recorded the VSL video.

In today’s “15 Minute Sprint“, I was able to build out the complete landing page for the VSL inside WordPress using the absolutely amazing FunnelForMe plugin.

VSL Landing Page

There are few key elements on a VSL Landing page:


Even though the visitor has just opted in and then reached this page, we can assume that they will stick around.

We need an engaging headline to make them want to watch the video…


The video can be hosted anywhere. We’re using YouTube because it’s easy and I’m basically used to YouTube by now.

Just remember to have the video AUTOPLAY on page load, and make it non-scrollable; without any title or scroll bar.


The most important aspect of the CTA block is the “delay element”

You need to make the button and all content below the button (Apart from disclaimers and footer) show up at a certain point in the video playback.

And that is:

Price Drop!

When you drop the price for the first time, that’s when the button needs to show up below.

Along with the button, also mention the pricing and cancellation policy.


This is optional – but if you’re giving a guarantee, then make sure you’ve mentioned it on the landing page


Some basic copyright info along with the standard legal pages links like

  • Privacy
  • Terms of Use
  • Support

The Result

I was able to create the entire VSL page from scratch in today’s 15 minute sprint using the FunnelForMe plugin.

We used the same plugin for our opt-in page as well – seriously, get the FFM plugin right now.

While there are plenty of changes that can be made in the future, it’s good enough for now.

I look forward to reading and replying to your comments below:

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