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Why am I not getting enough sales?

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Why am I not getting enough sales

The 3 Napkin Method

This blog post touches upon the most sought after solution for the query, “Why am I not getting sales or enough sales”. You are not alone in the game. A majority of the Dropshippers face this issue due to lack of marketing experience. But this will not stop you to succeed because if you have the solution mindset and ready to reverse engineer on the wrong steps taken, you can start driving revenue. Check out this video for a hands-on solution.

The Three Napkin Solution System

The Three Napkin Solution invented by me is nothing but the three following basic things that could be wrong.  

  1. Clicks
  2. Add-to-Cart
  3. Sales
3-Napkin_Solution System

These 3 things have to be reverse engineered and you have to find out step-by-step on what could be wrong with your store, product or ad.  



Not getting any clicks on your ads is the first problem. This could happen because of two reasons.

Reason 1:

First reason could be your product itself. The product that you are advertising is saturated and does not attract user attention. People are not interested in a product that is common, not creative and locally available on retail outlets or supermarkets.

Reason 2:

The second reason could be because of your ad creative. If the product is working for other dropshippers and not working for you it is because of your ineffective ad creative. Ad-creative is the image or video that you are using to advertise your product and probably not engaging enough.


The solution is to go back to the drawing board, to the research to find a new product. If it is due to the ad, then try to create a new ad-creative.

Edit the thumbnail if it is a video ad. A thumbnail can also make a huge impact on the number of clicks your ad receives.



Don’t expect everybody who clicks through on your Facebook ad to actually go to your store and add the product to cart. However, if you have 50 visitors sent from your Facebook ads and not a single person has added that product to their cart then something might be wrong.

Scenario – 1

Your visitors are click-happy audience who do not buy anything but click through the various products and niches available in your store. These audiences browse through the various e-commerce stores, click the ads and do not purchase.

Scenario – 2

Let us consider it’s not one of these niches but you are not getting Add to Carts.

The first reason is the “Product Page”. The Product Page is determined by the following elements:

a. Speed

Is your site loading up fast? The longer your website takes to load the faster your visitors are going to get turned off and leave without taking any action.

b. Images and Description I have covered these extensively in my Copywriting video page.

Image description

Optimize your images ad ensure that your primary image highlights the product. Your product description should be enticing and encourage visitors to actually add the product to their cart. The scarcity element should be highlighted to hasten the add-to-cart process and eventually the sale.

Note: Our Dropshipping theme takes care of all the above elements.

The second reason could be Price.

Is your product priced correctly? Price is about the value and perception of a particular product. Hence, it depends on how you branded the store, your product page and ad creative. If your visitors think that the product does not deserve to be priced at X amount of dollars you need to reduce the price slightly to see whether you can make an impact with that reduced price.

The third reason could be your product Branding.

If you have a professional logo if you have the right colors selected for that type of audience and if you have those guarantees in place you should be decently branded enough to sell at least low-to-mid ticket items. Your store needs to be branded differently for high value ticket items. 

Beginners do not get to sell high value ticket items and I recommend advertising low to mid ticket products because that kind of audience doesn’t really care that much about branding. However, branding is important and does force the visitor to actually hit that Add to Cart button.

Where do I get details on Clicks, Add-to-Carts and Sales?

You can get these details easily by paying close attention to your Facebook ad numbers. Check out the video where I talked about the columns and how to read Facebook ad data.

Captain zero from a discord group that I am a part of has actually built out a Chrome extension that shows you the INR numbers and dollars inside your Facebook ad account.

What this Chrome extension does is it takes all the data that’s inside the Facebook ad account in INR, converts it into dollars according to the currency exchange rate and shows the value; so it’s much easier to compare.

Note: You can also become part of the Discord group.


Let’s assume that you are getting clicks, Add-to-Cart but you are not getting any sales. Well, then you try to reverse engineer to find out why you are not getting sales.

It can be due to the following two factors:


People might be visiting the product page without Adding to Cart or even buying the product. You have to try tweaking the price. Sometimes even higher price works because of branding. If you have branded the product in a particular way you are bound to get some sales so you need to check the price of the product. Try lowering and increasing the price from your current price point and see whether that makes an impact or not.


Are people able to trust your store? When people come to your store are they getting turned off or is there something that’s lacking. It could be due to your guarantees, branding elements, returns policy, legal pages or your logo. It can also be due to your store name.  

One quick solution that I would recommend is to actually change the store name. Retain the same Shopify store, buy a new domain name that has a more appealing kind of store name, design a new logo, set up some new colors on your theme and launch that same ad to the same audience with this new store link, with the new domain name and there is a high probability of making a good impact.

Rito Entrepreneur, YouTuber, Digital Marketer. Founder of Flying Start Online. Dream big, make it happen, and just do what needs to be done!

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  1. I want you to setup my store! If you can what will be your charge! I’ve spent nearly 30k Rs on ads in a month last year after watching your videos from bizathons! Got only 2sales after spending thousands and that too the sale was of hundreds! If you can help me it would be great as I invested all the savings but didnt got any result!

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