WordPress Optin Pages Using FunnelForMe – (Day 27/30) #Bizathon

In today’s “15-Minute Sprint”, I took on an internal challenge of setting up an Optin Page on WordPress from scratch. With the help of FunnelForMe, we were able to make the optin page LIVE and working in less than 15 minutes.


FunnelForMe is a pretty dang good tool for building high quality landing pages on WordPress.

I got so impressed with it, that I installed the plugin on this blog too.

I just created a new landing page for Work with Rito using this very plugin – which went LIVE like 30 minutes ago.


I realized while building the optin page on WordPress today – that FunnelForMe DOES have a slight learning curve.

It’s not as difficult to grasp as say, ClickFunnels – but it’s still a bit tricky.

I guess for the price, you can’t beat the features it delivers. I was even able to easily configure my Sendlane webform with the optin page and it worked beautifully well.

Initial testing looks promising and I will definitely be using it in the future to create more landing pages.

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