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Zero Up Review, Tour & Bonus – Hard Truths About DropShipping!

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zero up review & demo

I’ll give you an INSIDER review of Zero Up – the Shopify & Aliexpress bridge, created by Fred Lam.

shopify zeroup aliexpress

Yes – I actually use the software and built my own Shopify store with Zero Up!

If you want to get started with ZeroUp right now, click the button below to get the best deal on the interwebs right about now:

Strap in and keep reading because I’ve revealed the HARD TRUTH about DropShipping AND I’m giving you an amazing hand-picked BONUS as well!

The HARD TRUTH About DropShipping…

Since you’re here, you’re probably interested in starting your own eCommerce store – and you’ve also come to the conclusion that SHOPIFY is your best bet because it’s super-simple to use and there’s a massive app platform that lets you customize the freakers out of your store.

But before you get all giddy, there’s a HARD TRUTH you need to understand about eCommerce – especially DropShipping.

Since I’ve been around the block and I have several connections in the online marketing world who have told me their deepest secrets – let me make one thing absolutely clear.

Making PROFIT from DropShipping is TOUGH!

Sure you’ll start seeing sales when you drive targeted traffic to your new eCom store.

Getting SALES is the easy part.

I’m talking about PROFIT.

ROI, people!

Think about it: If you spend $1000 in paid ads, and make $1500 in sales – you’ll be happy right?


Because there’s very little chance you’re making any profit when you include the product cost and the shipping cost.

So who makes the most PROFIT in the eCom game?

  • People who TEACH eCommerce – That’s why you see so many people rolling out Shopify courses.
  • Companies that sell eCom software – Shopify is making monthly bank from all the stores they’re running.
  • White Labelled goods with OWN Brand – That’s where you see great margins and you CONTROL the manufacturing and distribution.
  • DropShippers – Them peeps selling on AliExpress

95% of Shopify “DropShipping” Stores will FAIL!

Wait! I’m supposed to ENCOURAGE you – not DISSUADE you, right?

Thing is, I want you to know the truth BEFORE you enter the eCom game; and realize these things a few months later.

The sweet side to this story is: 5% of Shopify DropShiping Stores will SUCCEED!

Want to get in that 5% Club? I need you to be PREPARED to hustle your ass off! Because…

There’s A Solution!

The formula:

Shopify <-> Zero Up <-> AliExpress

… Actually WORKS!

But there’s very little chance you’ll be massively successful; unless you grind hard and focus on each and every thing I’m about to tell you…

#1. Don’t Look at Revenue… Focus on PROFIT!

There’s only so much money you can spend on ads if you’re not making profit.

Sooner or later, if the margins just aren’t there – you’ll end up having wasted a lot of time and money.

So take your sales and revenue numbers with a grain of salt. Every day, your primary number to focus on is: NET PROFIT.

If you made a positive NET – then scale that campaign. If not, then discard the campaign and/or product.

Inside the Zero Up platform, there’s a massive training library covering everything you need to know to prepare your mindset for eCom breakthroughs.

zero up training library

Which brings me to..

#2. Dont get ATTACHED to a Product/Niche

Let’s say you spend 3 hours researching a niche and you finally find a product with a high number of orders on AliExpress, and MAN…

That product is the BOSS!

You get some amazing non-branded pics.

The searches for that product are TRENDING on Google.

And you also see your competition’s “best-selling” product is that very same product.

So you log into Zero Up, and in one-click that product is now available on your own store. How EXCITING?!

publish product shopify store

Hold the presses mister. Because this is JUST the beginning.

The REAL test is if you’re able to sell it profitably.

#3. Research Is Your FIRST Priority

While I can understand, you want to gung-ho with your Shopify store in the next 2 hours – just hold your horses.

Seriously, just stop dreaming about a 7-Figure store on your first attempt.

Let’s get real and focus first on RESEARCH!

Fred has built some brilliant research tools built inside Zero Up Lab which will save you a bunch of time – but all that will come handy if you’re willing to be patient with research.

The first tool is an “Ad Ideas” tool that lets you see what’s being sold on Facebook right now. Just type in a keyword and you get a bunch of ideas to pivot off:

ad ideas

The second tool is a “Product Engine” which lets you research for products you want to add to your store from AliExpress:

zeroup product engine

It’s much better to spend a couple of days just researching your niche, products, and competition – rather than going on intuition and just starting a “unicorn pillow” store because your daughter thinks they’re cute.

Not saying “unicorn pillows” won’t sell – they probably will! But make sure you’ve done your research well.

So watch all them training library videos first. And as soon as you have your niche finalized and your store ready, remember that…

#4. It’s a NUMBERS Game

I call it the “one-third” rule! And it’s just simple math.

1/3rd of revenue (or lesser) = Ad Cost

1/3rd of revenue (or lesser) = Product + Fulfilment cost

1/3rd of revenue (or more) = Profit

If you’re able to hit these numbers – you’re GOLDEN.

I’m considering whatever monthly costs you have (with Shopify and all their apps, and virtual assistant) – that’s all going to be a drop in the bucket.

Because if you’re able to hit these numbers consistently, you can pretty much scale to 5 and 6 figures within weeks.

One important element of forcing the numbers in your favor is “Repeat Customers” – if you ain’t leveraging that, you missing out. Especially on the “Thank You Page” once you’ve acquired a customer. Thankfully, you get the Profit Multiplier tool inside Zero Up for automating your TYP Discount Popup:

shopify profit multiplier

And in order to MAXIMIZE your revenue to hit the “one-third” rule – you need to understand…

#5. EVERY Element Matters

The reason why so many people are involved in the DropShipping game is because it’s just so damn easy to start your own store.

I can literally just sit on my laptop and open a brand new store in under an hour – ready to sell physical products to people all over the world.

Thanks to the goodness of technology and reliability of most AliExpress top sellers.

Zero Up does make your life quite simple – because it’s just one dashboard to handle 70% of your tasks in setting up a store. Click. Clickity. Clack.

zero up lab dashboard

But when it comes to MAXIMIZING your revenue per click, make sure you’re optimizing each and every element mentioned below:

  • FB Retargeting
  • Store Layout
  • Urgency
  • Upsells (pre-checkout)
  • Discounts (post-checkout)
  • Abandonment Emails
  • Product Images and Description
  • Ad Creatives and Copy

Think of each element like a percentage of your revenue. If you tweak it a bit and your revenue increases by 2-3% -> you are GOLDEN!

If you’re able to tweak ALL these elements positively, you have a PROFITABLE eCom store babay!

Zero Up Demo

Rather than place a hundred screenshots, let me show you what’s inside Zero Up Lab by logging into my account. Watch the video below:

Zero Up Bonus

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably made up your mind and want to get started with Zero Up right about now.

So let me SWEETEN the deal for ya!

I’m not going to list some shoddy Private Label bonuses on this page as do many other affiliates. In fact, the bonuses listed below will actually HELP you in your eCom journey.

Bonus #1: Ritoban’s Store Critique

ritobans shopify critique bonus

Once you finish the Zero Up training, and build your first store – I’ll be there looking over your shoulder.

I’ll critique your FIRST Shopify store. Give you suggestions personally on what to do and how to do it in order to deck up your new swanky store.

No, I won’t ask my VA to send you a generic copy-pasted report. I’ll actually open up your store, turn on Screen Capture and do a live critique of the Shopify storefront.

I’ll also give you those sweet suggestions that will dramatically boost conversion rates and help you turn profit as soon as you turn on ads.

Value: $997

Bonus #2: Your Zero Up Concierge

fso-conciergeLet’s face it – if you’re starting out with your online business, you need hand-holding. And yes, Fred’s support team is pretty great and they will help you with whatever questions you have.


When you’re stuck. Or need someone else to look into your business and help you grow it – we’ll be there for you.

Myself and my team have personally assisted over 4000 online entrepreneurs. Answered their queries, and helped them build their businesses.

You will have our primary email address for addressing ALL your doubts. When my team can’t answer you – I will PERSONALLY get on the task and help you out.

Value: $1997

Bonus #3: Ritoban’s Private Mastermind

FSO Private Mastermind

I’ll give you access to my private Facebook group.

That’s where I publish all my insider tips, tricks, and secrets.

It’s like my little black book of secrets. And you get to be a part of it, ask questions, and pitch in.

I’m BIG on experimenting with marketing strategies – and you will be the FIRST to get a bird’s eye view of exactly what I’m doing in my business.

And you are more than welcome to COPY all my strategies in your business.

Value: $997

How To Get Your Bonuses

There are just two simple steps. Sorry if you expected more:

Step 1: Click this link and get started with ZeroUp via the official website – this is the best deal available on ZeroUp right now.

Step 2: Send an email to support@markace.com with the subject: “My Zero Up Bonuses Please?

We’ll take it from there.

Also, if you’re a part of Zero Up already, let the FSO community know YOUR review of the software by commenting below.

The All-in-One Shopify Automation Tool
  • Training
  • Impact on Business
  • Features
  • Value for Money
  • Support


ZeroUp by Fred Lam is your all-in-one Shopify Automation tool that not only acts like a bridge between your eCommerce store and AliExpress – but also enables many profit increasing tools that help in research, upselling, and fulfilment.

Rito Entrepreneur, YouTuber, Digital Marketer. Founder of Flying Start Online. Dream big, make it happen, and just do what needs to be done!

65 Replies to “Zero Up Review, Tour & Bonus – Hard Truths…”

  1. Are there any other hidden monthly costs involved? I mean, for an average store working through both Shopify & Zero Up – how much aside from the upfront cost mentioned above, how much $ could I expect to be outlaying per month?

    1. These are pretty generic questions and no hard figures can be assigned. I have uploaded a video on “minimum investment required” on my YT channel – but again it varies from person to person

  2. Can one purchase of Zero Up be used on multiple shopify stores? Or do I need to purchase one for each shopify store I have?

  3. Hey there, by supporting us whats in it for you ? I am sorry to be so straight. I think should you not be busy running your stores and making your profits using the system ?
    please dont mind . I just wanna ask.

      1. I dont see any referal link but a link to their official site only.
        I honestly love taht you get a good commission. DO we need to refer your this url in the mail after purchase ? or how is that ?

  4. Hello, let me begin by saying thank you for doing your 30-day Shopify challenge it was a lot of help following along and creating the store. I, however, did skip some things like getting zero up. I do not have the kind of money to throw around $1500 where it is not needed. As I see it most of the tools in zero up can be replicated to some degree with random free apps. However, I do understand the course holds great value. From what I have seen Fred Lam is a pro at paid traffic like facebook. However, since I do not have the course in front of me I wanted to know how in depth does his course go into when it comes to Instagram? I was planning on using oberlo and cheaper options until I “warmed up” my pixel with 100-150 sales from Instagram shout outs. Would you be willing to take a few moments out of your busy day to talk to me about why I should consider buying zero up instead of starting with free options? I have the money and would gladly pay it out if it will help my future success. Please contact me at your best convenient time.

  5. Can you use affiliate links like amazon with zero up? I’m new to ecommerce. What if I dont have a shopify or aliexpress account?

  6. what are the taxes we need to pay if we are from India and do drop shipping outside India?

    Do we need to pay GST etc.?

  7. Hi Rito, please advise Zero Up payment of 1497 is for full year or 3 months??? How can I avail your services to set up my Shopify store and how much it will cost me. Waiting for your reply.


    1. hhey saurabh..hope u fi9.

      i am facing problmes buying zero up. whenever i am going to buy zero p and click the ” Yes , i want zero up” button. it says me “you entered wrong billing adress ”

      please bro tell me how to solve this issue??

  8. Hi Rito, please advise Zero Up payment of 1497 is for full year or 3 months or for life time??? How can I avail your services to set up my Shopify store and how much it will cost me. Waiting for your reply.


  9. Please do remove my previous comment. I see your comments on another post of same nature after I submit. Please do clarify Can I take Monthly Basis for 3 for Zero or Lifetime? as you mentioned I shall pay for your service too

  10. Hi Rito ! I live in Kanpur (U.P.)
    First of all your bizathon 3 is amazing . I am very much pumped up to get on ecom from scratch.
    I have some questions –
    1- I don’t have computer . I only have android smatphone .
    2 – I don’t have enough money to get zero up .
    Will I still able to get into ecom ?
    I know for scaling bussiness , these points are necessary . When I’ll get enough profit then I’ll definitely invest in all that .
    I know you are very busy and this is unnecessary for you but it is important for me. Please Please reply A. S. A. P.
    Last but not the least, I like your honesty. Keep it up.

  11. Shreeman,
    I am from Bhavnagar Gujarat, Speak Hindi, All Indian have not understood it, I like to start dropshipping store How please help us.

  12. Hey Sir Ritu
    Mohd shad your YouTube subscriber.
    I have a question: I don’t have a credit card can I use Shopify.. reply please
    Before I used virtual Entropay credit card then my Shopify store gon unavailable

  13. I have already purchased Zerup before I know you !!

    I am very much impressed by you!!

    How can I benefit from you for my Shopify store?


    Saed Ishak

  14. Dear Ritoban
    Suggest me Which videos i should watch to get the full idea about Dropshipping n all bout this…… Lots of queries are there in my mind…… Please suggest

  15. Hi Rito,

    Super impressed and super motivated by your Shopify 30Day Challenge videos, I have build an Online Store (Niche) myself, However I am not clear about the Brand or Company Registration etc. Please suggest me a CA or someone who can help me understand the documents and formalities required to run such type of Drop-shipping store/business. I have personally met few CAs here in Delhi but they all seem surprised by the type of Business I am trying to do, they simply didn’t get the concept of Drop-shipping as business, Hence no one helped me..


  16. Hello Rito,
    I have two questions,

    1) If I use the template in zero up to create, will it not disturb the current theme design. Or it now provides a design for the product only i.e., how it will display up when some click on it to view it and add to cart. Or it creates all the pages for us and we don’t need theme i.e., simply we can use the default theme as we know the created pages are responsive.

    2) if someone returns the product, he/she will send the product to a virtual address as you mentioned in your YT channel video on refunds and chargebacks, my question is then how the product will reach to original supplier from the virtual address and how will we know the product it reached to supplier and now we can refund the money to customer.

  17. Sir, I have searched 1000 time on shopify app store. Never found zero up app. Why it’s not available on shopify app store. Can you drop some light on this issue. Eagerly waiting for your reply.

  18. Firstly as Rito said, You can do everything Zero Up does manually…
    but as the number of listings increases, it will become literally impossible without an automation software
    I was also impressed by a daily mail from ZeroUp, listing any changes on Prices / Stocks from vendors we select from Ali express

    Before buying I did a small research on similar products like ZeroUp, the competitors charge per listing. The way I see it, I will be paying a lot more than ZeroUp and I would be stuck on a product that bleeds money from my profit monthly
    Buying the product also let me follow the Flying Start Online channel

    Note: My primary job on a Multi-National Company is to automate stuffs,
    At first I was like “Let me create something similar to ZeroUp” but when I thought it through…. to achieve the level of ZeroUp, you will need years of development and refinement of the product. I am building a Shopify store… I do not have years to spare…

    Just buy tht product…. you also will get the assistance of a support team of the Product Owner

  19. Hi Rito,

    The advertisement to get traffic in part on ZeroUp software OR I have to do separately.

    Thanks and regards

  20. Hey Rito!

    Are you still using this system for your Shopify store? I just started watching your Youtube 30 day challenge and you weren’t using this system.

    What are your thoughts? I saw you have a membership as well for this. What’s my best route to start off with Shopify as far as a course. I already have a domain name I’d like to use.

    Should I just go through your YT challenge and get started OR join your doer club?



  21. Hi Rito,
    Please for someone just starting ,can they use oberlo and later use zero up due to cost reasons please?. If oberlo is possible,how do we fulfil orders with it then?.
    Thank you

  22. Rito, I noticed your review on Zero-up was made in June of 2017. Are you still using Zero-up with your Shopify stores? I would be interested in seeing an updated U-Tube video on the Zero-up course showing the latest features added to the course.



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