Email Instruments (incl. The Email Lifestyle)

Email Instruments was launched on Clickbank and JVZoo in May 2015.

EI is a 101 course on email marketing – especially by using solo ads.

There are 8 total modules in the course including a bonus module including interviews with email marketing experts.

During launch, we had provided our members with a unique Profit Recycling method as an upsell.

We had also created bundles of pre-made optin funnels including squeeze pages, free giveaways, pop pages and more in various niches.

The pre-launch was accompanied by my book called ‘The Email Lifestyle’ which was well received by the community.

We have since, included the course as a bonus for all pro members of OptinLabs.

Going forward from 2017, I’m very impressed with Anik’s Inbox Blueprint and the way it teaches email marketing. So if you want to acquire advanced skills in building an email business, give it a look.

The Email Lifestyle

The Email Lifestyle Book CoverThis is my first marketing book where I’ve revealed my story of how I got started with internet marketing along with actionable steps on how to leverage the power of email marketing in your business and build an email list.

The book is being sold separately on Amazon as a Kindle edition and paperback.

However, you can download the PDF version of the book right now – there’s no need to opt-in.

Just leave a comment below telling me what you thought about it. Thanks!


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