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EverWebinar Review, Demo & Bonus by Ritoban C.

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everwebinar review & bonus

I’ve been using EverWebinar’s automated webinar platform for almost a year, which has led to 6 figures in sales (for our SaaS product) using that campaign.

saas everwebinar sales

I’ve played, tested, tweaked, and used pretty much EVERY FEATURE that EW has to offer.

Keep reading to find out if EverWebinar is right for YOU, my comprehensive demo, and a sweet bonus when you get started with EW today.

Is EverWebinar right for YOU?

EverWebinar is, quite simply put: an automated webinar platform.

All you need to do is plug in a video to your Ever Webinar campaign – and it will play at the scheduled date and time that the visitor chose while registering for the webinar.

everwebinar popup

Attendees won’t realize if it’s ACTUALLY live or not – unless they’ve been on many such webinars and figured it out somehow.

If you’re looking to host webinars MANUALLY every single time – then this is definitely NOT for you.

If you want to host training webinars with your clients/students every week – this is NOT for you.

The BEST use cases for EverWebinar is for those people who want to sell:

  • Software
  • Training Courses
  • Coaching
  • Consultation

I’ve even seen REAL ESTATE sellers use this platform to close deals successfully via FB ads.

Read to begin? Click here to get started…

Setting Up Your First Campaign

The easiest way to get down and dirty is to ACTUALLY create your first webinar.

It does take a little bit of time to set up – but you’ll be happy that you did.

Take out at least a couple of hours AFTER you’ve already completed your web-reg page, webinar recording, and autoresponders.

Overwhelming? It’s supposed to be so.

You are setting up just ONCE – and then all you’re focusing on is traffic.

The system works like a MACHINE!

Quick Tip: While editing any section, make sure you click that SAVE button before going to another section/tab. If you don’t – this is what you’ll see:

save first popup

Yes, annoying – but important.

Let’s begin:

Step 1: Configuration

everwebinar step1

  1. Enter a source for your webinar video (can be YouTube or self-hosted)
  2. Set up your webinar title, description, language
  3. Set up your webinar scheduling

I do recommend turning on the ‘Just-in-Time‘ feature. We do get some sales just BECAUSE of that feature.

For ‘displayed schedules’ – Don’t display MORE than the next 3 schedules. It reduced our web-reg conversion rate when we did that.

Step 2: Presenters

everwebinar step2

You can add multiple presenters to your webinar.

For professionalism, please make sure you add their name AND photo. I also write a byline for each presenter’s bio.

Step 3: Registration

webreg template

Here, you can either choose your OWN webinar registration page. If you do that, then you’ll just have to place the Ever Webinar button on your actual landing page and it will work out of the box.

If you want to quickly launch a webinar – simply select one of their themes, change the text and images and you’re golden.

Step 4: Notifications

everwebinar step4

This is probably one of the most important settings of the entire campaign.

This is where you’ll set up an integration with your SMTP provider (I recommend Mandrill).

And then, actually edit the emails that your registrants get:

  • As soon as they register
  • Just before the webinar
  • After the webinar & before the replay

Step 5: Integrations

autoresponder tracking webinar

First up, integrate with your autoresponder. They have integrations with a LOT of providers. If you’re using one that they don’t support – Ever Webinar has a fantastic custom HTML integration too.

Pixels, here we come.

If you’re running FB ads or YouTube ads… or just… ads – you need to make sure you’re tracking everything.

EW is powerful enough to give you complete access to EACH page of the funnel. You can set up pixels on the ‘Web-reg Thank You page’, ‘Live Webinar Page’, and ‘Replay Page’.

And yes – you want to be tracking ALL of that so that you can create specific retargeting campaigns.

Step 6: Thank you

everwebinar thankyou

Get people to take action as soon as they register.

This is super important.

They are hot new leads and you want them to do SOMETHING on the thank you page.

Show a video where you thank them and give them the next steps. If you offered a bribe, give the download link right there.

An optimized ‘thank you page’ helps you in 2 ways:

  • Pitch your recurring trial, or tripwire, or free download
  • Registrants are more likely to actually ATTEND your webinar

Step 7: Live

live webinar setup

  1. I go with their default video for the countdown page.
  2. Use polls ONLY if it makes sense. I don’t!
  3. Make sure you have at least a couple thousand chat lines stored.
  4. No feedback flow announcements, thank you.
  5. 1 Product Offer that’s shown with the URL drop during the pitch.
  6. Redirect to external websites – To your Order page at the very END.
  7. No sticky messages. I don’t like things that stick.
  8. Don’t display the number of attendees.
  9. Live sales alerts – once you have actual customer data, set up about 5-20 of these.
  10. Don’t display social media buttons. We don’t want the distractions.

Step 8: Replay

everwebinar replay settings

Make sure your ‘replay page’ is ENABLED.

Even though you won’t get MANY sales from it – it does help add about 10-20% to your bottom line.

I set the replay page to expire in 40 hours. You can increase or decrease it if you wish.

Step 9: Monetization


If you’re not charging people to ATTEND the webinar (which is about 95% of use cases) – turn that off.

You DEFINITELY need to make sure your Sales Tracking is ON

Step 10: Finish

step10 finish

I love that blue smiley thingy.

And quite frankly, it’s a relief – three hours well spent.


The NEXT STEP is to take the EW button code, paste it on your webinar registration page and start sending traffic.

Once you start getting registrations, it’s all about the numbers…

What’s Inside “Analytics”

The Analytics screen is what you’ll be watching once your webinar is LIVE. (well… I mean… fake live… whatever!)

They’ve actually done a pretty great job with the interface and it’s pretty easy to use.

You get to see all your important webinar metrics on one screen.

Sweet? Let’s see how this works:

First: choose your webinar, schedule, and date range. Then…

everwebinar traffic analytics

Traffic Analytics will give you a summary of # of visitors, #of registrations, # of LIVE attendees, and # of REPLAY attendees.

inside your everwebinar analytics

“Inside Your Webinar” Analytics is the real deal.

live & replay sales

Monetization Analytics is where you’ll see them monies.

registrants data

Get an inside look at each webinar registrant and attendee. Filter and export them if you so choose.

My EverWebinar Review

I’ve tried other automated webinar platforms, including the acclaimed ClickFunnels.

While ClickFunnels is EXCELLENT for funnel pages, payment processing, affiliate management etc – it didn’t work AT ALL for our automated webinar campaigns.

In fact, with the SAME traffic source and same targeted people – we got 1 sale with ClickFunnels in a week and as soon as we SWITCHED to Ever Webinar, we started getting 1-3 sales A DAY!

That’s a HUGE WIN!

I do have some complaints with EverWebinar, and they are as follows:

Complaint #1: The chat system is super tough to manage once you’ve crossed a couple thousand chat lines.

Complaint #2: Since EW doesn’t handle payments, the only reliable source of payment analytics is the PIXEL that’s fired on the TY page. It works, but also doesn’t sometimes.

I hate relying on just pixels.

Complaint #3: The Replay UI could be a bit more intuitive. I’ve noticed people don’t hang around much during the replays. Show rates are less and stick rates even lesser.

These complaints aside – EW is a SOLID platform for hosting automated webinars.

If they keep up the good work with their reliability – I will stick around with them for YEARS.

everwebinar home screen

Since webinars are fast becoming a major source of revenue for most digital publishers – you need a platform that WORKS – and works WELL.

A platform that won’t crash on you, or keep you awake at night.

EverWebinar is what you want. Hands down.

My EverWebinar Bonus

Let’s sweeten the deal, yeah?

If you’ve not invested in EW yet, then check out these bonuses that I’ll give you for joining through my affiliate link.

I get a small commission that helps me keep this blog alive, you get some cool bonuses along with your purchase. WIN-WIN!


Check these out:

Bonus #1: Your EverWebinar Concierge

fso-conciergeLet’s face it – if you’re starting out with your online business, you need hand-holding. And yes, Andy’s team is brilliant and they will help you with whatever questions you have.


When you’re stuck. Or need someone else to look into your webinars and help you scale it – we’ll be there for you.

Nisha Garg – my head coach – has personally assisted over 10,000 aspiring online entrepreneurs over the last 8 years. Answered their queries, and helped them build their businesses.

You will have Nisha’s primary email address for addressing ALL your doubts. And if she can’t help you – I will PERSONALLY get on the task and help you out.

Value: $1997

Bonus #2: Ritoban’s Private Mastermind

FSO Private Mastermind

I’ll give you access to my private Facebook group.

That’s where I publish all my insider tips, tricks, and secrets.

It’s like my little black book of secrets. And you get to be a part of it, ask questions, and pitch in.

I’m BIG on experimenting with marketing strategies – and you will be the FIRST to get a bird’s eye view of exactly what I’m doing in my business.

And you are more than welcome to COPY all my strategies in your business.

Value: $997

How To Get Your Bonuses

There are just 2 simple steps. Sorry if you expected more:

Step 1: Click this link and get started with EverWebinar via the official website.

Step 2: Send an email to support@markace.com with the subject: “My EverWebinar Bonuses Please?

We’ll take it from there.

Also, if you’re using EverWebinar already, let the FSO community know YOUR review of the product by commenting below.

The Ultimate Automated Webinar Platform
  • Ease of Use
  • Effectiveness
  • User Experience
  • Features
  • Support


EverWebinar is my GO-TO automated webinar solution because it’s reliable, effective, and has the best ROI ever. If you’re serious about webinars, you need this.

Rito Entrepreneur, YouTuber, Digital Marketer. Founder of Flying Start Online. Dream big, make it happen, and just do what needs to be done!

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