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Shopify SEO Guide – How To Drive Free Traffic!

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Free Traffic for Shopify Dropshipping

Can your online website/ Shopify store rank on the first page using free traffic and generate revenue? Yes, I will tell you how I was able to generate 4000 dollars with completely free traffic with zero spending. Does it sound too good? Yes, let us see how it is possible to generate free traffic from your Shopify Store. Click here to check out the Video.

My Analytics Report

Sales by Traffic Referrer


Here are the steps to find out your total sales generated:

  1. Set up the Traffic Source
  2. Click on Manage filters
  3. Click on Traffic Reference Source
  4. Select Search to show sales through free traffic

You can see that most of the sales ($4000 – revenue) using free search traffic are generated from Google and a few from Yahoo, Bing.

Setting up your Store the right way

  1. Go to Online Store and then Preferences
  2. Set up a Title and a Meta description for your page
  3. Install Google Analytics and enter your id in the Google Analytics account
  4. Check the Use Enhanced Ecommerce checkbox
  5. Submit your website to Google Webmasters
  6. Go to Google.com/webmasters
  7. Sign in to your account, add a property which will be your Store url

Note: If you change your theme you have to reinsert the Meta tag

Verifying a Property inside Google Webmasters

Alternate Methods

HTML tag_alternatemethods
  • Click on Alternate Methods and then the HTML tag
  • Copy the Meta Name (as shown above)
  • Head over to your online Store and then Themes
  • Click Edit Code under Actions
  • This will load up all the files inside Themes
  • Insert the Meta tag above the </head>
  • Proceed to Google webmasters Console, click on Verify
  • Once it is verified it will populate a success message as given below
  • Submit a Sitemap to Google webmasters
  • Scroll down to Find your sitemap section
  • Your sitemap is located at your domain name.com/sitemap. XML
  • Copy this and go to Google webmasters
  • Click Sitemap under Crawl
  • Click on Sitemaps
  • Enter your domain name.com/sitemap. XML and then click on Submit
  • Upon refresh, the page will show that the Sitemap has been submitted and will be processed after some time

How to ensure that your website loads quickly


The easiest way to ensure that your website loads quickly is to install the Dropship Theme. We are the fastest conversion theme and the website loads up under one second.

On the dropshiptheme.com page you see the load time is 992 milliseconds for a particular product page and faster than 89% of sites.

Do you actually get traffic from the Search Engines?

Yes, you can see it below.

On the Google Webmaster console, the Search Analytics page under the Search Traffic section shows the Total number of clicks as 8252.


Once you submit your website to Google webmasters, Google will crawl on your website and figure out what the best links are and in due course of time it does show up all these site links.

Product Page Keywords

If you need to find out a product that you need to dropship, you need to find out the right keywords. Go to the Google Keyword tool and enter any keyword related to the product. For example, let us consider the product Hydroponics. Google will suggest lot of associated keywords related to the product.


Hydroponics Waterproof LED Grow Strip


Enter hydroponics. The actual product’s full spectrum will be displayed. If I enter LED Grow Strip also, the result will show up.

Panda Hand Warmer


Google automatically picks up the pricing since it is Shopify. If you have got any review app installed, the star ratings are also picked up and shows up inside these search results. You can see that this product shows above Amazon and even Ebay results.

LSI Keywords

Your primary keyword is the keyword that you want to focus upon, which will be inside your title and description. All the other keywords around that product are called LSI keywords and when you are writing a blog post or an article or a product description these types of keywords naturally come in the conversation flow.

Click here to know more about LSI Keywords, LSI SEO and so on.

Let us explain with the help of the Hydroponics Waterproof LED Grow Strip example. A lot of keywords that are actually associated with hydroponics and grow strips have been included inside this product description and that is why it got a good ranking.

Facebook Ads and Search Engine Ranking

The products for which you run your Facebook ads have the highest chance of getting ranked in the search engine than the products that you have never ever advertised because you’ve installed Google webmasters, Google landing analytics.  

Google knows which pages of yours gets traffic whether it is from organic searches or paid traffic, which page is able to capture the user attention. Google knows that this page is important and it rises up in the search ranking. Hence, when you are advertising a particular product then it automatically gets better rankings without you having to do anything. Ensure that you click on edit product,populate with a keyword rich title and ensure your keywords are inside this title.


How to find the right LSI Keywords?

Enter your primary keyword inside Google Keyword planner which will suggest a bunch of keywords, ad groups and suggestions.

  • Enter your product or service
  • Click All Locations
  • Then click on Get Ideas which will show two tabs: Ad group Ideas and Keyword Ideas
  • No goto Ad Group Ideas tab. If you do not see any results, remove few words from your Product or Service field. 

The other way to find your LSI keywords is to actually do the Google search, scroll down to the bottom to get all of these internal keywords. These are like searches related to the product which you can then use to figure out what your LSI keywords are likely to be.


Product Images

Once a product description is done the next thing you have to do is go on to your images and then make sure the alt images and the image titles, the image names are set up correctly. Ensure that images are renamed so that they actually mean something.

Download the image, rename this to something that is relevant to your product, upload them again and set them up in an order. Click on alt text, and click on Done.

Finally, Click on edit website SEO and then rename the page title and meta description so that it contains the words you wanted to show.

The page title can actually be the product title if it is already descriptive and has the keywords. Otherwise, you can input your own page title, your meta-description which would have those keywords.


Ensure that the page title is less than 70 characters and the Meta Description is about 200 250 characters and make sure the URL in handle is short when you’re importing from Aliexpress. You can actually edit the URL handle and ensure that it is a small easy to remember URL handle.


Get your preferences in your title, your description for the actual store itself, submit your sitemap and submit your website to Google webmasters. Install Google Analytics and Mabel enhance Commerce and then ensure that all the product descriptions you write are built around keywords.

Rito Entrepreneur, YouTuber, Digital Marketer. Founder of Flying Start Online. Dream big, make it happen, and just do what needs to be done!

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