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How to Create Compelling Story Ads That Convert In 5 Simple Steps (Day 23/30) #Bizathon2

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Each month at FSO we build brand new businesses from Scratch in 3o days – The Bizathon Challenge!

This month we’re featuring a Membership Website.

Not only can you follow along as we build this business from the ground up, you can also become a founding member for just $1!

So far we’ve created an entire membership website; with accompanying sales funnel, submitted our first solo ad order as well as created our first Facebook Targeting & Retargeting Ads. 

In our last session, we offered a Step by Step Guide to Creating Your First Facebook Tageting Ads.

And Today, Day 23 of the #Bizathon challenge, we’re creating and launching our first Story Ad campaigns.

“Story selling” is an attempt by marketers to combine the art of story-telling with the process of copywriting to convert.

Follow along with Rito as he walks you through the process of creating Story Ads in the video below:

Every brand carries a story hidden inside of it.

Just draw it out and tell it to your audience, in your own words, allowing them empathize with you.

Before you actually tell your story you need to create the actual advertisement as well as set the display parameters.

From within Facebook, perform the following:

Open “Ad Manager” ->  click “Create Ad.”

On the following page set Marketing Objective to “Video Views” and name it accordingly.

Now click “Continue.”

On the next page, scroll to audience and select only “United States” for now.

Keep scrolling to age settings.

In our case Rito is telling a story of a journey that began when he was 18, so for this ad we are going to display it to people between ages 18-60.

Immediately underneath this you will see “Detailed Targeting” we are going to select “Digital Marketing,” and “Entrepreneurship” for ours. 

Continuing on to “Placements” we are going to uncheck “Instagram” and “Audience Network.” Click “Facebook” and uncheck everything besides “Feed,” “Right Column” and “Suggested Videos”.”

The newsfeed is the only place we are going to be displaying this particular ad.

We are keeping our budget of roughly $6 per day -> Now Click “Continue.”

On the next screen just above where is says “Pages” select “Use Existing Post.”

Select your corresponding Facebook page, preview your ad and click “Confirm.”


After you create your story ad, we’re going to set a custom audience specifically for this ad:

  • Click the “Audiences” drop down menu in the upper left corner of the page.
  • Click “Create Audience” -> “Custom” -> select “Engagment” followed by “Video.”
  • On the following page select “People Who View 25% of Your Video” from dropdown menu -> select your story video.
  • Click “Confirm” -> now choose “In The Past 7 Days” -> Name Your Video.
  • Click “Create Audience”

Create Compelling Story Ads That Convert In 5 Simple Steps

Rito Story Ads

Keep reading if you need to be reminded exactly what a story ad consists of…

These are the 5 basic aspects of story-selling:

  • Begins with a hook
  • Minimalist in composition
  • Identifies The Common Struggle
  • Clearly outlines “before” and “after” scenario
  • Happy ending

Begin With A Strong Hook

This is the first and most important aspect of any ad.

The initial hook is what grabs (or doesn’t) the users attention.

In many instances the headline itself will serve as a sufficient hook:

  • 8 Reasons You Suck At Making Money Online
  • This is How I Got 2,067 New Subscribers In 10 Days
  • Is The Point Of Entrepreneurship Just To Make Money?

When you’re deciding on your hook, put yourself in your users’ shoes and ask, “Why Should I Care?”

Maintain Minimalist Story

These days most people have incredibly short attention spans, and online it’s even worse.

Most people know if they’ll buy from you within 7 seconds of visiting your website.

When it comes to copywriting, more specifically, story-selling, we need to do more with less.

Get to the point and keep the users eyes going down the page.

Identify The Common Struggle

While this may have been utilized in your headline as your hook, it usually occurs within the body of the story.

Tell users about the time you were in their shoes, that you understand the struggle.

Be specific but concise.

What was occurring in your life that compelled you to look for a solution like the one you’re offering?

Your answer to that question reveals the identity of the motivation causing your prospects to seek a solution.

Display A Clear Before & After Scenario

Utilizing a before & after scenario subconsciously plants a seed showing your user light at the end of tunnel. 

There are several ways to go about it, here are the most common:

  • Outline a direct problem – solution example story.
  • Present before and after images of a project in question
  • Testimonials from satisfied users who once struggled but don’t any longer.

Always Emphasize A Happy Ending

A solid happy ending causes our brain to release dopamine making us feel good about ourselves and the brand associated with the story.

Customers rate the quality of their overall experience by what happened at its peak and the end.

Remember this, if you’re ever doubting the efficacy of a good story:

Stories alter the human brain, allowing the reader to become more open to ideas.

Compelling stores, even quick ones told for advertising, trip an emotional trigger altering brain chemistry, making users more trusting, empathic, and open to new ideas.

Story-ads enhance social behavior, telling users how to behave in new situations.


Just 7 more days to go…

That’s a wrap for Day 23 – Well done!

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Rito Entrepreneur, YouTuber, Digital Marketer. Founder of Flying Start Online. Dream big, make it happen, and just do what needs to be done!

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