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Ask Rito – Your Top 11 Shopify P.O.D. Questions Answered (Bizathon4 Episode18)

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Last month We Built A Profitable Shopify Store From The Groud Up.

If you’re new to FSO we build businesses from scratch every 30 days…

The Bizathon Challenge!

Last month was a huge success, not just for our team, but for many.

Because of this, we’re continuing with Shopify as the focus for Bizathon4.

This month we’ll scale our Shopify income by utilizing pro-level tactics.

Enjoy the video as Rito answers all of your Shopify POD questions:

Today we’ll be covering all of your Shopify Print on Demand questions!

Print-on-demand (POD) is a process in which printable products aren’t printed until an order is received. 

A product that can have a design added to it can be used for POD.

That means anything from books to aprons, can be sold via Print On Demand.

Ask Rito – Shopify Print On Demand Edition

These were you most frequently asked questions regarding Shopify & POD…

Q) Is There A POD App That Allows Custom Colors?

A) Yes, CustomCat Shopify App allows this

With CustomCat, you can choose from MANY different tshirt colors. When it comes to your design colors, you can use just about any color code. When it comes to your design colors, they need to fit within the predetermined design space (looks like a rectangular box) on the article of clothing you’ll be adding them to. 

Click here to install CustomCat.

Q) How Can I Make My First Sell?

A) Utilize Our First-Sale Series

Our first sale series is three video posts where we break down the Shopify scaling process into easily digestible chunks. When it comes to generating your first Shopify drop-shipping sale is to not overthink it. Clean, simple, professional should be the goal for your site and all product listing.

Click here to begin the First-Sale Series.

Q) Which Apps Allow Custom T-Shirt Labels?

A) You’re Overthinking This Business Model

Do not worry about custom t-shirt labels. This is not important and shouldn’t consume mental energy until your store is at least making regular sales. And even then it’s not necessary. If you’ve identified your winning POD designs / products and still want custom labels look into contacting the t-shirt manufacturer directly or try Printful.

Click here to integrate Printful with your shop.

Q) How Can I Scale My Facebook Ads?

A) By Using Our Free Step-By-Step Tutorials

Most Facebook ad campaigns go downhill soon after launching; requiring more money for clicks & conversions with less reward. With a bit of finesse and fine tuning, you can constantly grow your business with Facebook without breaking the bank.

Click here to exponentially Scale Your Facebook Ads!

Q) How Do I Implement Facebook Retargeting Ads?

A) Target Audiences Who Viewed Without Buying

Simply create and audience of people who viewed your product within the last 3 days without buying. We usually keep the daily budget on our retargeting ads very low – between $5-$10 dollars.

Q) When Are You Starting Your Next Shopify Store?

A) We’ve Already Started Other Shops

We’ve actually already started other general and niche Shopify stores. Unfortunately we’ll be keeping the identities of these shops private for the time being due to unethical practices of certain viewers (copying every single thing about the sites, down to the ads). Always be creative and give your Shopify store a unique feel by using your own voice!

CommonPanda is our primary and only publicly acknowledged shop at this point.

Q) What If An Item Isn’t As Expected?

A) Give Them An Immediate Refund

Don’t be shady, try to haggle or engage in confrontation. If a customer notifies you that a product is not as expected apologize for the inconvenience, tell them to keep or discard the product and immediately issue a refund. 

Q) Offer Refunds If Customers Change Their Minds?

A) Yes, But We Require Them To Pay Return Shipping

This doesn’t happen often, but when it does, agree to the refund — upon receiving the package. In order for the customer to receive a full refund they’ll need to ship the package back to you. Be sure to request they remain patient on receiving the refund as it takes time for the returned package to arrive. Once you’ve received the returned package immediately issue a refund and notify the customer.

Q) How Can I Target Broad Products On Facebook?

A) Use Engagement As Your Objective 

Taget engaged shoppers, previous purchasers and top spenders while leaving every other targeting interest blank. Eventually Facebook will gather enough data to find prospects looking to buy what you’re selling. 

Q) How Many Sales Are Needed Before Creating Lookalike Audiences?

A) We Suggest A Minimum Of 100 Sales

Don’t create a lookalike audience for a specific product until that product has reached at least 100 sales from existing ads. We prefer to wait until we’ve generated 1,000 sales. When you wait until you’ve generated this many sales, the lookalike audience become incredibly powerful. Truly takes your business to the next level.

Q) How Do You Make Video Ads?

A) We Use Screenflow, iMovie and / or Clipman

We use three different tools depending on the day and the ad. Screenflow is something we use if we’re sharing our screen or want to quickly add voice over to our ads. iMovie is used when we need to trim or crop a video for an ad, and Clipman is an awesome tool that provides readymade video ad templates designed to convert!

That’ll do it for Episode 18 – Great work!

Questions, comments or just want to say hi?

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-David Aston


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Rito Entrepreneur, YouTuber, Digital Marketer. Founder of Flying Start Online. Dream big, make it happen, and just do what needs to be done!

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  1. Sir I am Arul from Coimbatore I need your help to setup shopify store. I am willing to come to your place. Kindly help me.

  2. Hi Rito

    Thanks for all your help and support. I think you are awesome
    I have tried to set up a shopify business using your tutorials however I am really busy and its taking me a long long time
    I noticed in one of your videos you mentioned you provide a service where you set the business up. I am interested in this.

    can you send me more information on this service please such as-
    also how long will it take you to create the store/ how much will it cost
    how profitable will it be?
    do you set up FB ads and the affiliate site?

    thank you so much

      1. Hello Team,

        Currently i am selling in India and want to scale to united states. However, my merchant account and products are linked to India only and i cannot advertise my products in united states through google. Can you please tell me what settings do i need to change so i can operate in both target country or should i go for new website for united states?


  3. i have some issue in complete my payment in my shopify store through PayPal Express Checkout.
    Error: This seller doesn’t accept payments in your currency.
    how to solve this problem & i am started this store about 8 days ago.
    how to solve this problem ? replay me fast on my email

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