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Driving Solo Ad Traffic To Optin Funnels – (Day 11/30) #Bizathon

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traffic for email business

Buying traffic for an Email Business is a completely different ball-game because you need to first UNDERSTAND how traffic works.

Not all traffic is created equal.

Understanding and appreciating that will help you go a long way in your online business career.

Some types of traffic work really well with Email Businesses and we’ll get to that.

In today’s 15-Minute Sprint, I was able to make tiny edits to our Optin Funnel and then I explained all about traffic for Email Business, placed a solo ad order for 1000 clicks @ $0.55 a click, and even created a new Facebook Retargeting campaign for our leads.

WARNING: Before buying traffic, you need to be well-educated. Otherwise you can lose a lot of money very quickly. I highly recommend enrolling in Inbox Blueprint and studying the course BEFORE you start buying traffic.

Traffic For An Email Business

traffic for email business

The traffic you send to your Opt-In page needs to be:

  • Targeted
  • Willing to Opt-In

Buying traffic is an INVESTMENT in your business. When you treat your business like a business, then things start to look much clearer

The strategy we use in this business is to try and get a positive ROI as soon as possible.

It might be 7 days or 30 days or even 120 days.

Here’s the reason for discrepancy:

When a person opts-in to your list, they are sent autoresponder emails. Each day, they get 1-2 emails from you.

In each email, you are either providing free value/content, or pitching a product.

But since the autoresponder emails are dripped every day for several days – it might take some time to see a positive ROI.

It’s very easy to get stuck in the game of buying solo ads because one thing that will 100% happen is that you WILL GET OPTINS. There’s ZERO doubt about that.

But what we’re looking for is not only to build an email list, but also to generate revenue – and hopefully profit.

Treat your list like a DEPRECIATING ASSET.

The leads are hottest on Day #1, and they slowly wean out over time. So try and get a positive ROI by Day #30.

If not, don’t worry because an opt-in is yours for life unless they unsubscribe from your emails.

I still have leads that opted in to my list like 8 years ago.

I still email them.

They still read those emails and buy what I recommend.


8 years ago!

Traffic Types For Email Businesses

types of traffic for email business

Based on a lot of testing over the years, these are the types of traffic that work best with an Email Business:

Solo ads can either be driven from marketplaces or individual vendors.

The marketplaces I recommend are Clickonomy, SoloForMe (T4M), Udimi, and Facebook Groups (which are pseudo-marketplaces).

With Facebook ads, we can classify them as:

Even though Clickonomy is a marketplace that I created with Anik a few years ago and THOUSANDS of people buy and sell clicks in that marketplace – I won’t be using it.

There are two reasons for that:

  1. Clickonomy traffic is a little expensive than other marketplaces. It only houses super-premium traffic. Since we only have 20 more days to try and break profit – even our complete autoresponders won’t be complete by then. So hard to profit in such a short span with a high click cost. For long term projects – yes!
  2. Since I created Clickonomy, you might feel there’s a BIAS and something shady going on in the background. So, I decided to use a NEUTRAL platform.

Therefore, I went ahead and placed an order from SoloForMe for 1000 clicks @ $0.55 a click. Bringing our expenditure to: $550!

How Do Solo Ads Work?

how solo ads work

When you place an order for a solo ad (either from a marketplace or individual vendor) – it reaches them and they review the landing page link you sent their way.

If they feel it’s not a good fit for their list and they won’t be able to drive good results for you, they will either suggest changes or cancel the order and refund the money altogether.

After the suggestions have been implemented, they will write an email to their list because they understand the best communication strategy with their list.

Then they will send the email and all the clicks driven from that email will reach your landing page via a tracking link. That tracking link will have built-in fraud detection so that you don’t pay for invalid clicks.

After all the ordered clicks have been delivered, the order is marked complete and we move on with our lives.

Please remember to NOT blatantly spend thousands of dollars in ad buys to realize either your landing page is not converting or your offer is not selling. It all BUILDS UP and the first thing you need to do is LEARN more about Email Marketing.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to your feedback.

Please use the comment section below. I appreciate and look forward to reading and replying to your comments.


Rito Entrepreneur, YouTuber, Digital Marketer. Founder of Flying Start Online. Dream big, make it happen, and just do what needs to be done!

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