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Recovering From Writer’s Block To Write Autoresponders – (Day 12/30) #Bizathon

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Today, I slept a couple of hours too many and that resulted in a groggy morning and a headache.


But today, we had to write autoresponders.

So what happened?

In today’s “15-Minute Sprint”, I was able to write two autoresponders and also set up a couple of case study landing pages for my Bizathon Challenge.

Writer’s Block

My day started off bad. I was all around the place. No focus; but I NEEDED to get in line because:

a) I had to do the live stream

b) I had to write autoresponders on the live stream.

There’s a big difference between a NEED and a WANT.

  • If you NEED to be successful – you will do everything in your power and eventually be successful.
  • If you WANT to be successful – you will be more prone to distractions and lack of action.

So here’s what I did: I got in the shower and had a nice long hot shower.

get rid of writer's block

That helped calm the brain down – drowning all negative thoughts and also helped soothe the headache.

Next up, I realized that I already had ASSETS that I could use in this business.

I’ve already promoted Inbox Blueprint in the past to my other lists in other businesses.

I can probably take the email copy and videos etc. from those and build out from there.

Then I received a couple emails from Anik and Jimmy with the subject lines like:

  • This is your LAST CHANCE.
  • This is the LAST email I send you.
  • Time to take ACTION now.

Looking at these subject lines, I realized we need to do a close for the I.B. workshop promotion too in our autoresponder sequence. It would probably be like Email #7.

So I could potentially use a hook like:

My LAST and FINAL email

We’ll build that up in a few days.

Unique Hook For Autoresponders

email marketing in politics

Just before the live stream, I was browsing some YouTube videos – and Trump related videos kept coming up again and again.

So I had this thought of combining politics with the Email Marketing angle.

Sure enough, a quick Google search for “email list in politics“, gave me a Politico article that talks about how big Obama and RNC’s email lists are.


We had a new hook for our next autoresponder email. Learn more about hooks and how to become a better copywriter with Copywriting Academy.

15-Minute Sprint

With all this inspiration, I decided to write the next autoresponder email that combined politics and Email Marketing.

Today, I was also able to take a couple of assets like some case study videos where I explain about my digital product business and emails that go with it – and built up a couple of landing pages inside our WordPress blog.

They look super-ugly. But we’ll get to them later. At least we have the URLs to enter in the autoresponders.

I also realized yesterday that our first autoresponder was hitting the SPAM box in Gmail and Yahoo – so I spent a minute tweaking it. In today’s sprint – I only had 14 minutes to work.

We will be tweaking and testing the autoresponders in the next few days.

I ended the session with a warning to EDUCATE yourself before investing in traffic. You need to understand psychology for copywriting, how to write better autoresponder emails, conversion strategies, and a lot more BEFORE you start driving traffic. Which is why I recommend joining Inbox Blueprint and learning all this first.

I look forward to reading and replying to your comments below:

Rito Entrepreneur, YouTuber, Digital Marketer. Founder of Flying Start Online. Dream big, make it happen, and just do what needs to be done!

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